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Keeping Our Showrooms Safe & Clean

February 07, 2020

Keeping Our Showrooms Safe & Clean

 With the outbreak of the recent Wuhan Coronavirus, here at Picket&Rail we've taken immediate precautionary measures (following the guidelines set by Ministry of Manpower) to ensure both our workers and customers will continue to enjoy a safe shopping environment at our stores. Some of the measures taken include:

Step up cleaning of showroom premises

- We've adopt the sanitation and hygiene advisories disseminated by the National Environmental Agency (NEW).

- Daily wipedown, cleaning and sanitization of our showrooms.

Provide hand sanitizers for customers

- We've setup a "sanitization booth" at all of our showrooms where customers and make use of hand sanitizers/sprays/lotions and face mask upon request.

- Non-contact thermo-scan thermometers are also available for customers who may seem unwell in order to safeguard our sales staffs and other customers.

Delivery & All Staffs

- Daily temperature taking for all delivery staffs

- Delivery staffs are given face mask

- Daily cleaning and sanitization of our delivery trucks before transporting your furniture

- All of our China workers who are returning from Mainland China are given a mandatory Leave Of Absence (LOA) or 14 days

- We've instructed our factories in China to ensure regular fumigation and disinfection of  all furniture coming to Singapore.


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