The Coolest Bedding for Hot Sleepers

The coolest bedding for hot sleepers by Inkagu & Picket&Rail

In the Singaporean humidity and heat, it’s hard to get a good night’s rest. If you have found yourself waking up drenched in hot sweat, tossing and turning through the night, you’re a hot sleeper. Being comfortable in your bed, resting well, and recharging your batteries is fundamental to your physical and mental wellbeing. 

Introducing theeasy care bedding that lets you live more! Made with our climate in mind, this is a breathable, waterproof, antimicrobial, anti-odour, botanic Tencel®, and zinc oxide infused bedding. 

It’s rare to find companies who pay this much attention to detail about bedding, but we’re committed to provide all of our customers the rest they deserve. This is how all of the above help with hot sleepers:

  • Botanic Tencel®: The common material used for sheet masks in the beauty industry. 3x softer and more breathable than cotton, so it’s extremely smooth and gentle on skin. Cool to the touch.

  • Waterproof: Ideal for all ages. No sweat will penetrate through which means a longer-lasting mattress and pillows! No need to dry them out in the sun anymore.

  • Anti-odour: All sheets are integrated with Dermofresh® technology into the fiber to kill off stink.

  • Antimicrobial: Sweat carries lots of bacteria. The antibacterial effect of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles infused in the sheets inhibits & inactivates bacteria cell growth.

These benefits are only at the tip of the iceberg. Our bedding is made in Spain and comes in an assortment of colours to fit your mood or theme! They come in cot sizes too for parents who want waterproof and hygienic bedding options for their little ones.

Shop thesefitted bedsheets and pillow cases now for better sleep! Try them out atPicket&RailFurniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore.