Selecting the Best Mattress for Sex

Selecting the Best Mattress for Sex

Singaporeans are outspoken about many things such as MRT breakdowns, pink parades and elections. But when it comes to sex it's a different story. We hope to break the ice with this blog.

Too many people buy a mattress just for sleep. This isn't is a good idea. We are going to tell you what we think are important criteria to finding the best mattress for sex. Although we’re not going to talk much about sleep in this analysis. You should definitely consider how a mattress feels and sleeps in addition to how it performs for sex. 

Best Mattress for Sex Rating Criteria


A mattress response time means how fast it adjusts to your body as you move around. Mattresses with slower response times can feel like having sex in quick sand. An ideal mattress for sex will rapidly adjust to your change in movement and positions so you are well supported on a stable surface.


The bounce of a mattress relates to the feel when it’s being compressed. A mattress with good bounce will rebound, as opposed to simply absorbing your impact. During sex, this can help to create a consistent rhythm that works with you and not against.


Let’s face it, sometimes you need a certain degree of discretion. Some mattresses can be extremely loud during sex, drawing unwanted attention. An ideal mattress for sex will help to keep the noise to a minimum.


The overall durability of the mattress will surely be put to the test during sex. A good mattress for sex should be able to standup to years of consistent amorous activities.

Edge Support

Many sex positions require, or are significantly improved by a stable and strong edge. Mattress edges that collapse under pressure can make for a less than ideal experience. The best sexy-times mattress will be one that supports pressure and weight directly on the edge of the mattress.


And lastly, we have comfort. If the mattress creates pressure points on your body during sex it can limit your desire and amount of time you actually want to be there. The ideal mattress for sex will be one that doesn’t create pressure points in any position.


Getting ready to start a new life with your partner should start with purchasing the right mattress. The ShinJu Air III is perfect as it provides a thick, stable, firm foundation with enough bounce from the pocketed springs and latex top. Moreso it has 3D cooling fabric on top that chills both of you down for a great pillow talk and cuddle. Get one for yourself today!