Our Bedding Is Your Best Beauty Sleep Secret

Our bedding is your best beauty sleep secret by Inkagu & Picket&Rail

Bedding plays a vital role in your beauty routine. It’s where your face comes in contact with for a minimum of 6 hours a day, or more.

The largest organ of the body does most of its work when you sleep - shedding dead skin cells, increasing collagen production and repairing the compromised barrier. 

A good pillow case aids your skin in the rejuvenation process by providing a gentle surface to lie on, creating less friction which results in fewer wrinkles.

Selecting the wrong bedding has harsh consequences besides aging, because the germs and oils collected overnight can cause worsened acne, redness, clogged pores and more.

TheInkagu SuperCool EasyCare Cosmetic Pillow Case is so much more than a simple pillow case.

Zinc oxide is your best skincare ingredient

Ourcosmetic pillow cases have pharmaceutical grade 4 zinc oxide infused into the fibre. This is the key ingredient in your sunscreens and moisturisers, used for its protective and purifying properties.

It speeds up skin cell regeneration, combats skin irritation and prevents inflammation, making it suitable for anyone with skin issues and concerned about anti-aging. 

The best part is that the cosmetic effect does not diminish after repeated washing and drying, all thanks to the innovative European patented technology.

Instead of a film, the zinc oxide is infused into the threads itself so that you can continuously enjoy the benefits without sacrificing comfort! 

Suitable for the most sensitive skin

Tencel® is a botanic fiber made from Eucalyptus trees. It is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and unbleached unlikecotton.

It does not generate static charge, therefore dust and other particles do not cling to the fabric easily, giving it additional hypoallergenic qualities.

Tencel® is suitable for babies and highly recommended for the most sensitive skin!

Moreover, Tencel® adheres to stricter sustainable manufacturing standards and uses fewer chemicals compared to organic cotton, rayon, bamboo and many other fibers.

OurSuperCool EasyCare Tencel® pillow cases are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, which is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.

A hygienic sleeping environment

Pillow cases with strong moisture wicking performance are recommended for individuals with skin concerns.

All sorts of liquids and oils get onto our bedding and a damp environment lets bacteria thrive.

Compared to cotton, Tencel® fabric dries extremely fast to reduce bacterial growth by tenfold.

Furthermore, the infused zinc oxide in ourpillow cases has antibacterial effects, keeping your sleeping environment clean and healthy.

Its smooth surface doesn’t allow dirt and dust to cling on easily too. Cleanliness is next to godliness and your skin will feel the difference with Tencel®!

No fabric softener, no breakouts

The little known fact about fabric softeners: it coats your clothes and sheets in a waxy layer which can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

For ourpillow cases, washing it with your usual detergent would suffice and it’ll still be extremely soft to the touch. It’s dryer-friendly too so you can fully enjoy the warmth of fresh laundry.

Put Inkagu bedding to the test at City Square Mall

We take your beauty sleep seriously. Do you? 

Picket&Rail is giving out free pillow cases for anyone who visitsPicket&Rail Lifestyle at City Square Mall, Level 3!

No strings attached, all you have to do is put our sheets to the test - either by lying down, twisting it, rubbing it, so on so forth.

When you grow to love it, we have2pc and 3pc fitted sheet sets for all mattress sizes to fully enjoy the benefits of Inkagu Tencel SuperCool EasyCare Bedding

Make the switch and feel the difference today!