New In: 真珠 SHINJU 2+

New In: 真珠 SHINJU 2+

Our SHINJU 2+(真珠) latex mattress is the upgraded and newer version to our best-selling SHINJU 2 mattress from before. With the same build quality as pervious version, the SHINJU 2+ retains the same super-cool Supakuru double-knitted mattress fabric with upgraded firmer, thicker individual pocketed springs bundled with layers of multiple foam types including hypo-allergenic latex, high resilience wave + spray foam for a firmer yet luxurious feel. Mattress is rolled and vacuum-packed for guaranteed freshness and maximum hygiene.

A great, affordable 12-inch thick mattress. A perfect introduction to our premium SHINJU Air mattress series. A Picket&Rail online only exclusive!

We keep it simple, sweet and straightforward - to enjoy better sleep and sex, here’s why the SHINJU 2+ does exactly that:


Cooling 3D Knitted Fabric

Optimal sleep climates are hard to achieve. You’d have to stick a leg out of your comforter, twist and turn in bed multiple times or change the air-conditioning temperatures a few times through the night. To combat this, the 3D knitted fabric technology of the SHINJU 2+ provides a high degree of comfort due to its porous nature, allowing the skin to breathe while regulating heat, keeping you cool. 

It’ll be much harder to get out of bed for work!


Layered Foams

This 30cm thick mattress with its price tag is bundled with multiple foam types in layers for a firmer and luxurious feel! The hypoallergenic latex foam is known for its durability and natural aversion of dust-mites, bacteria and molds, whereas the high-resilience wave foam provides another degree of support for your resting body. 

How does it all work together? The heat from your body softens the foam when in contact, so it indents perfectly according to your position and goes back to its original shape when you wake up. Sleeping on a natural curve is great for spinal alignment to promote lumbar support too. 

Formaldehyde, lead and mercury-free, you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed than ever to seize the day!


Progressive Support

Through thorough research and development, Inkagu’s proprietary foam technology provides a universally comfortable experience. The velvety, cooling, cushioned feel makes falling into REM sleep much easier, reducing body stiffness and frequency of waking at night. 

The SHINJU 2+ is upgraded with thicker, firmer pocketed coil springs to maintain its structural integrity for longer-lasting use. The individual springs allow for micro-adjustments to minimize motion transfer, so you can sleep in peace even while your partner is constantly shifting. This feature is especially great for sex as it offers ample bounce and support, recommended by various sex therapists. Truly the best of both worlds!


Vacuum-packed for safety

In a post-Covid world, you should all the more be wary of the potential dangers and harm you bring to yourselves and your family. With this airborne virus, it’s important that your mattress comes in an airtight packaging.

The SHINJU 2+ mattress is vacuum sealed for maximum convenience, freshness and hygiene, no matter how long you store your mattress. Standard plastic covers are prone to minor tears which often go unnoticed by the naked eye, allowing a host of bacteria, mold, virus and bugs to make your mattress their new home.


Keeping costs low

For a mattress to have luxury model features for only $299, it might just be too good to be true. We keep this affordable by making it an online-only exclusive on our website! No showroom display means no expensive, pushy sales staff and retail rental. Plus, our volume production is so large that we have incredible economies of scale! All this translates to more savings and better returns for our customers.

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