How To Maximize Your Room For The Perfect Sleep

How to maximize your room for the perfect sleep by Picket&Rail.

More people are beginning to realize the benefits of practicing sleep hygiene, and how it can positively impact their daily lives.

That's why here at Inkagu, we've created a total sleep solution so that you'll always wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.


It all starts with the perfect bed frame. The best bed frames are often made from solid wood. Metal bed frames tend to creak after some time. And faux leather or fabric upholstered bed frames, they're the perfect accumulator of dusts.

For smart storage in the room, our RTG® Tatami beds are the way to go.


Next, is a good mattress. An expensive one doesn't guarantee you better sleep. Here at Inkagu, we've designed mattresses that are made specially for the Asian bodies. Our mattresses are all upholstered with super cool double-knitted mattress fabrics that helps you stay cool during sleep and technologically-advanced charcoal-infused memory foam and air-gel memory foams that is just as plush as it is firm.


These days, they are tonnes of bedsheets in the market of various high thread counts, material types, designs and brands. Threadcount means nothing if it can't keep out bed bugs, absorbs too much bodily fluids and gets too warm during sleep.

That's why at Inkagu, our waterproof, anti-aging bedsheets are a must. Not only it is made from soft Tencel® fabrics, it is technologically fitted with Zinc Oxide to constantly keeps you feeling fresh and repairs your skin while sleeping and a special membrane that keeps moisture, bed bugs and other unhealthy macro organisms.