A Match Made in Heaven

A match made in heaven customized bedroom furniture solutions by Picket&Rail

Picket&Rail’sRTG® Tatami Storage Bed is an all-time favourite and we have the best mattress to go with the tatami bed: the 真珠 SHINJU Tatami Air-Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Designed specially for our Queen and King size tatami beds, this firmer mattress comes with the same benefits as the rest of the SHINJU range.

Our SHINJU Tatami memory foam mattress features a thick, high resilience foam layer topped with a super cool Air-Gel Memory Foam layer. This means our mattresses are cooler and softer because the gel is added into the memory foam compared to normal memory foam.

Wool fabric covers the top of the mattress as a protective layer for the Air-Gel memory foam and regulates heat as you sleep. If you have worn wool knitwear before, this mattress should be your favourite!

It provides revolutionary support to the 7 zones of your body: head and neck, shoulders, back, lumbar, hip-joint, lap and lower legs. Moreso, it is antimicrobial, dust mite proof, and bed bug free, perfect for the whole family.

The otherSHINJU mattressesare great for the bed as well, but if these storage units are used often, some days you might lack the strength to lift up a heavy mattress to access your belongings. With the SHINJU tatami mattress, it weighs lighter so it’s easier to lift!

It can also withstand up to 500kg body weight. A great mattress for heavyweights without feeling like you’re sleeping on a piece of wood!

For an all-around Total Sleep Solution, get theYUKI Ice-Fabric Contour pillow for extra support around the head and neck orYUKI Bamboo Fabric Fragment Foam pillow for the ultimate comfort. Our fitted sheets are extremely cooling and waterproof as well for longer-lasting use to make your money's worth! With Inkagu.com, you’ll sleep like a baby in no time.