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Asiana Mattresses. What is it all about?

October 03, 2017

Asiana Mattresses. What is it all about?

Current mattress technology has been around for about 100 years. Nothing much has changed except costs. Material costs generally have been going down but prices to consumer have been going up. Ameritech is all about disrupting this trend. We want to bring quality mattresses to the masses at very low and fair prices. Typical markups from manufacturing costs are 5 to 10 times. Our pricing is 3 to 4 times lower than your typical shopping mall and many online retailers.

Besides lowering our markup we have reduced costs in the following ways.

  • We have further reduced the frills bells and whistles of our mattresses. No expensive embroideries and unnecessary aesthetics.
  • No expensive TV Ads. No expensive Google Adwords marketing. Only facebook and social media marketing.
  • No wasteful use of materials. Just the right amount to do the job. No bullshit two sided flip over mattresses.

Besides lowering cost we have made our mattresses better in the following ways.

  • Less models. In fact only three at a time. With less models manufacturing quality soars. The more models you have the worse the quality. Simple engineering.
  • Lower prices also translates to quantities. We sell more than 150K mattresses a month in Asia. This means we buy cheaper than anyone else. 
  • Asiana is built and designed for the Asian body from the start. No adoption of American or European standards.

Pocketed Double Tempered Spring Technology


Our proprietary Pocketed Double Tempered Spring Technology is unique only to us. This technology allows a dual movement action during compression without any significant loss of elasticity. This means there is extra give initially and followed by an exponentially  greater resistance as more pressure is applied. This initial "softness" allows the mattress to conform to the body shape as well as increasing comfort. The later resistance helps maintain the ideal profile for maximum spinal linearity. This translates to less spinal problems and backaches. Our proprietary Double Tempering together with its Carbon alloy composition allows for a longer spring lifespan and minimises loss of spring elasticity.

Pressure Point Cushion Dampening Technology

The Pocketed DT Spring Technology helps with body confirmity but unfortunately sleeping on springs can be quite uncomfortable. This is where our pressure point cushion dampening technology comes into play. A unique combination of layers of AmeriLatex / AmeriMemory foam, high resilience foam of varying densities, spring interface slide sheets help disperse the pressure points on the shoulders and hips away from any single spring or point. AmeriLatex and AmeriMemory foam are specially formulated to provide maximum breathability and luxurious comfort.

Partner Motion Isolation Technology

Sleeping partners seldom have similar sleeping patterns. Many of us roll between 20 to 100 times in a night. Some of us more, some of us less. Such movements may disturb the sleep of the other. Most mattresses have interlocking springs that interact with each other when there is movement. One partner's movement will affect the other with such mattresses. Our Pocketed DT (Double Tempered) Spring Technology consists of individually wrapped double tempered springs. The vertical movement of each spring does not effect the movement of the neighboring springs. This means the springs supporting each partner does not pull or effect the springs of the other partner. That simply means that your movement will not affect your partner's sleep.

Air Circulation for Maximum Health

Spring mattresses combined with open bed slats and breathable tops make a cool bed. Body heat is drawn away from the body by pores in the AmeriLatex or AmeriMemory foam and released into the air space of the spring section and then through the lower layer of the mattress. Our Ameritech Mattresses are made with structurally sound materials to work with slatted bed frames. Many of our high end competitors stinge on the bottom layer and insist on a platform for their warranties to be valid. Slatted beds provide better circulation. This leads to:
- lower bacteria and fungal growth
- lower moisture content by having better moisture evaporation
- less dust mites from lower accumulation of dead skin in mattresses.


 AmeriLatex is a specially formulated mix of natural non allergenic latex and several high tech additives to create a softer and more luxurious feel. Pure latex is very dense and causes heat build up. Hence, a revolutionary "Pin Matrix" technology was introduced where the latex are bored with pin-holes so as to ensure maximum dissipation of body heat during sleep.

- AmeriMem is a special type of visco elastic foam that is engineered to give the right mix of shape retention and bounce. Pure memory foam has little bounce and lets the body sink into a mould quite quickly. This body wrapping causes heat build up and restricts natural body roll.

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