Preparing For Baby’s Arrival

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Getting ready to welcome Baby home can be overwhelming and most new parents frenzy over what to prepare, what to buy and what to buy first.

Let's start this correctly - an important safety aspect most of us forget.  Please remember to bring baby home safely with a child restraint safety seat that can be belted down even if you are travelling in a private hire vehicle.

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As a new parent, sleep is the part of your life that will be most affected. Every parent will swear that a happy baby is one who sleeps enough and has quality sleep.  Baby will grow up healthy and fuss-free too.  And when baby sleeps well, the parents sleep well too!

So, let’s look at a total baby sleep solution - equipment we should consider as basics for baby.


Baby Cot

A baby safety standard baby cot is always more important than the physical look or style.  Always check on this before making the purchase. It’s important to pay attention to the slatted bed base that comes with the cot. Experts recommend cribs with slats no bigger than 4.5 cm to 6 cm to prevent babies from slipping through.

And the distance between the cot slats must be no more than 6 cm to protect baby from falling out and toddlers from trapping their heads between the slats.


Don’t take the risk – second hand products may not be safe for baby!

Over time furniture may loosen or deteriorate.  Faults may not be visible.  Consider very carefully if you should really accept a hand-me-down.

Save time, stress and potentially a lot of frustration. Purchase your cot from a reputable retailer that also gives you choice from a wide range of brands and styles, as well as the expertise to handle after-sales service.

Parents should be alert if not buying from a retailer, as cheaper, non-compliant cots will occasionally surface on the online market. Without a proper understanding of the safety features and look-and-feel of a product online, parents can put both themselves and child at risk.

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Baby Mattress

Baby needs to be put in a safe mattress.  What constitutes a safe mattress?

Firmness. Many experts believe that the firmer the mattress that parents use for the crib is, the safer and healthier their baby’s sleep will be, especially when we take SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)  into consideration. So, even if a crib mattress feels quite stiff to you, don’t worry – it will be great for your baby.

Resiliency. This term is for the speed at which a mattress’s surface gets back to its shape after you apply pressure to it. The faster it regains the normal shape, the better.

Mattress cover. A mattress cover is just as important as the materials inside a mattress.  A cover that is easy to clean, wicks away moisture and is breathable is best for baby.


Mattress Protection

Mattresses are susceptible to spills and soils if not protected properly.  Effective mattress protection leads to healthier baby and extends mattress life as well.  A waterproof bedsheet will help tremendously and spare the frustrations of an unusable mattress due to excessive spills. 

Bedsheets are the first layer that comes in contact with baby’s tender skin. Choose bedsheets that keeps the surface dry to avoid skin rashes.


Bouncers, Swings and Rockers

A newborn sleeps for almost 20 hours a day. As they grow older, their sleep can be between 12-17 hours with in between naps of 2 to 5 hours. Sometimes baby needs a different ambience to play and fall asleep. In baby’s waking hours, child development experts will encourage to interact and play with baby. The baby cot may not be the most conducive place so a baby bouncer or a swing or rocker would serve this purpose well.

Swings, Bouncers, Rockers

Why do I need one of these seats?

Newborn babies often struggle with anxiety. They are suddenly exposed to more noise, temperature fluctuations, and waiting for food becomes stressful too.

Especially in the first 3 months, babies are more prone to crying for long periods of time. This crying stage usually happens in the late afternoon or evening and may happen over extended hours.

Often the only solace is holding and rocking. However, it is almost impossible for you to provide all that rocking on your own.

Swings, bouncers and rockers all help mimic your rocking arms. This equipment can allow you time to rest your arms, help baby fall asleep, and give you some respite.  Many moms actually would purchase a swing, a bouncer or a rocker first, before a changing table just because of its tremendous value.




You might want to consider what space you have available to you for your baby. Traditionally, cribs are larger than bassinets, so a bassinet may be more appropriate for a smaller living and sleeping area. Baby may like the cosy feel in a smaller space like a bassinet can provide.


Consider a Grow Bed / Baby2Kids Bed

There are definitely many benefits in a Grow Bed. At the early stage use, it offers compactness of a baby cot space as well as (mostly) a changing area and a set of drawers. It offers a great deal of savings as a Grow Bed can last up to 18 years, if not more.

When looking for a Grow Bed, make sure it doesn’t require you to buy additional parts that are required to convert the Grow Bed into a adult-sized bed.  This is definitely very important because when the time comes to convert the bed, the seller may not even be around anymore!