It's This Easy to Buy Wall Art

It's this easy to buy wall art by Picket&Rail

The art world can be an intimidating one to break into as an average collector, but what if it didn’t have to be? At Picket&Rail, we plan to bridge the gap between art and functionality on our platform, so we’ve collaborated withSilian Art® to bring Singapore’s favourite framed licensed prints and wall art collections! 

We carry 3-D, abstract, architecture, cartoon, classic, contemporary, expressionism, natural world, pop art and vintage. Take your pick!

If this is your first encounter with art collecting, fret not as there is a wealth of information about the artists on theSilian Art® homepage. Short introductions of classic names like Robert Delamater, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and more are available there.

Getting to know the artist can help you explore more about your personal art style!

Having art, whether it’s a commissioned piece or from highbrow painters, can help you relax and stimulate the happy hormone, dopamine. It effectively lowers feelings of stress and depression while increasing confidence! 

This is especially important when you have growing children around you - it encourages imagination, inspires creativity and helps emotional regulation.  

In interior design, art can set the mood of the room and tie in weird decor altogether, making every piece feel like it has a time and place in your home!

The pieces are framed with premium materials that complement and elevate the art. We only sell licensed prints because of the high quality assurance, colour vibrance and textural accuracy. With FREE delivery and installation, rest assured that the precious pieces you purchase for your home are in good hands.

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