How to Arrange the Wall Art & Paintings in Your Home

How to arrange wall art & paintings in your home by Picket&Rail.

There is an art to hanging artwork on your wall. This knowledge might have been exclusive to the art industry, but with the popularity of interior design, this knowledge is now commonplace. To simplify the process, we have summarised our points into a simple infographic for easy reference but you can read more about the explanations and the tricks our mind plays on us below!

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  • When hanging artwork above furniture, aim to position it approximately 6-8" above the furniture. When hanging artwork too high, it feels disconnected from the furniture and looks as though it's floating.

  • If you're hanging artwork on an empty wall, hang it approximately 57-60" from the floor to the center of your artwork. It should be eye level for an average height woman.

  • If you're working with multiple frames or creating a gallery wall, position each frame approximately 3-4" apart. Keeping them close together will help the eye to see the art as one unit.

  • When choosing the size of artwork for your space, ensure that the artwork will fill 2/3 the width of the furniture it will hang over. If you use artwork that is too small it will not feel balanced.

These guidelines are pretty simple to follow and amend. Do walk around your home to see if they obey these rules. This would sharpen your art sense too whenever you're out dining in restaurants or browsing an art gallery.

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