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We focus on affordable art. We support artists by using only licensed works. Our range of art includes cartography, architecture, pop art, botany, still life, abstract, contemporary, vintage and much more. Out of respect for the art we frame these beautiful works in fine quality heavy duty frames.


The big blank wall in your new home is haunting you. There are various ways to fill up an empty canvas - do you buy a singular, prominent painting, or purchase a placeholder that can be changed every few months, or create a mixed media gallery wall? Indecision causes procrastination, and perhaps after shopping around for quite a bit, you can't seem to commit to anything.
There is an art to hanging artwork on your wall. This knowledge might have been exclusive to the art industry, but with the popularity of interior design, this knowledge is now commonplace. To simplify the process, we have summarised our points into a simple infographic for easy reference but you can read more about the explanations and the tricks our mind plays on us below! These guidelines are pretty simple to follow and amend. Do walk around your home to see if they obey these rules. This would sharpen your art sense too whenever you're out dining in restaurants or browsing an art gallery.

Interacting with art expands a child’s ability to comprehend the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Art helps to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child’s development. But art goes far beyond the tangible statistics measured by studies — it can become a pivotal mode of uninhibited self-expression for your child. Art matters the same way language matters — or the way breathing matters! Therefore, hanging wall art can be your child’s first engagement into the creative arts that accompany a laundry list of benefits.  

Visiting a museum, living artistic experiences or taking part in a creative activity is beneficial to your personal psychological and physical wealth. But what is the use of having art around us in everyday life, in our home? The benefits are many and often they can be enjoyed in a seemingly passive way, almost by an osmotic process by which art comes into our minds and our lives. The choice of a piece of art to be kept at home is linked to a chemical process similar to the early stages of falling in love: the aesthetic sense that strikes us activates the “preferences” and personal taste. Our point of view is put at the center of our choice, and this results in immediate benefits, particularly on our decision-making attitudes.

The art world can be an intimidating one to break into as an average collector, but what if it didn’t have to be? At Picket&Rail, we plan to bridge the gap between art and functionality on our platform, so we’ve collaborated with Silian Art® to bring Singapore’s favourite framed licensed prints and wall art collections! We carry 3D artabstract artarchitectural line artcartoon artclassic chinoiserie artcontemporary artcrystal embellished artfauvism artplantlife artphotographypop artsea-inspired arttropical artvintage reproductions and world maps. Take your pick!
A bare wall is no fun. Many homeowners focus on the furniture and forget to consider the adornment on their walls beyond a lick of paint or fresh sheet of wallpaper. With the appropriate decoration hung on the wall, any living space can be transformed from plain and boring to unique and personal. Purchasing the right piece of art to complement each room in your abode can be a challenging task. Once you find a piece befitting your decor, it sets the theme for the entire room and space you’re working with. It defines the personality of the homeowner and their space, harmonizes odd pieces whilst creating character in a home. 

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