High-Hygiene Tatami Toy Storage Beds

March 14, 2021

High-Hygiene Tatami Toy Storage Beds

Maximize your bedroom space with our latest high-hygiene Tatami Storage Bed series by Picket&Rail. Our tatami storage beds has tonnes of features including:

  • PVC Edging for better protection and longer lifespan.
  • 100% factory manufactured Superior to handmade carpentry.
  • 400 tonne applied per full panel. This means no peeling of laminated surface area.
  • 18mm thickness.
  • 20 colour choices and wood grains.
  • Supports up to 1000kg loading.
  • Super engineered panel boards.
    • Harder than solid wood
    • Anti-warp
    • Scratch, heat & moisture resistant surface
  • Double shelves replaces need for nightstands for bedside tables. Ideal for PEDs. (Personal Electronic Devices)
  • Environmental E0 material, zero formaldehyde
  • 100% fully finished (inside and out)
  • Choices of drawer handles, in stainless steel, plastic or wood.
  • High quality rail system.
  • Flushed upturn handle. Child safe.
  • Multi-style design and combinations of drawers and upturns.
  • Super strong upturn cover allows an adult to stand on.
  • Comes with optional headboard and footboard add-ons.
  • Hydraulic loft options available.
  • Holds approximately 880 litres of storage (based on Queen size)

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