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Inkagu's Supakuru Mattress Design Architecture and Engineering Philosophy

November 04, 2019

Inkagu's Supakuru Mattress Design Architecture and Engineering Philosophy
How did Inkagu do it?

1. We took a 4 layered approach.
- The Non-Flex Platform Zone.
- The Base Isolation Spring Zone. 
- The Eurotop Body Contour Support Zone.
- The Pillow Top Comfort Zone. 

A system for 90% or more of the Asian human population. Each layer focused on a primary function. Each layered zone has further sub layers and subsystems  to finesse the technology. 

2. We tested hundreds of mattress material combinations. We had different people of different shapes and sizes participate. Our test subjects included couples and both sexes individually. 

3. We designed a flexible dual zone spring isolation base system. Together with a combination of upper foam layers, this system is really ideal for "Side Sleepers" and those with chronic shoulder/arm pain.

4. We hired the best engineers and gurus.

5. We used the latest foam technology. Open pore foam technology for maximum heat dissipation. Especially important for tropical countries and hot summers. We use high-quality  resilient foams. We are able to compress our mattress without undermining its integrity. By using a unique compression machine, we ensure that no excessive pressure is put on any part of the sleeping surface.

6. We use the best materials. We developed our own unique "Double Tempered Carbon Spring Technology". This is to reduce sagging. Spring height loss is negligible. This technology is the foundation of our Support Zone.

7. Individual Pocketed Springs for Partner Movement Isolation. This is a proven technology.

8. This outer zone spring guard allows our Sleepers to maximise the use of the mattress area. This spring guard also protects the inner zone spring system and helps prevent edge roll off. Special fabrics on the side of the mattress help with heat dissipation from the spring chamber.

9. Cool Fabric. We use Supakuru knitted fabric for our top layer. Supakuru technology helps dissipate heat and accelerates moisture evaporation. This keeps our Sleepers feeling cool. Our Shin Ju III is the coolest with latest Supakuru II technology with hollow fiber fabric. The hollow fibers increase wicking action, drawing perspiration more quickly.

10. Keeping the mattress cool is only possible because of the overall architecture. Heat is transferred from the sleep surface systematically.

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