Clock Sale Now On! All Clocks at up 50% Off

Clock Sale Now On! All Clocks at up 50% Off

Choosing a timepiece with a unique frame, whether vintage and ornate or modern and sleek, transforms the functional object into a work of art—it’s not the time that will draw your eye, it’s the gorgeous design.

We're offering a ticking time sale of 20% OFF all clocks for a limited time only, while stocks last. 

A beautiful clock can hold its own in a variety of places, mingling nicely with other decorative pieces on a mantel or becoming the singular focal point when hung alone above a chair. Where will you put yours?

Mechanical Open Gear Clocks at 20 ~ 50% OFF

Hereford Pocketed Wall Clock
U.P. $429 NOW $199

Developed in the 16th century, pocket watches were made to be worn in waistcoats with a chain attached to prevent dropping. This style is frequently associated with train conductors because of its precision.

The pocket watch style is quite uncommon in the present day as wristwatches and digital phone clocks diminished its appeal, but it is slowly regaining popularity in the steampunk subcultural movement embracing the arts and fashions of the Victorian era, when pocket watches were ubiquitous.

The Herefored Pocketed Wall Clock is encased in a 19th century pocket watch style with matte silver finish. Besides telling time, its an ironic art piece of something that once belonged in a pocket on your wall.

Classic Gears Wall Clock
U.P. $599 NOW $339

Exposed gear clocks are regarded as luxury timepieces because it exposes the perfectly engineered inner skeleton of your clock. This means it's worth showing off! 

With a coppery-gold face and traditional Roman numerals, the Classic Gears Wall Clock has a vintage look that is updated by a thick, modern black frame and eye-catching exposed gears. This Victorian-style handcrafted clock adds chic utility to any room is the perfect wall accessory to your industrial-style decor! It's sure to make you and your guests pause to admire, not only to tell the time.


Classic Gears Wall Clock in Black
U.P. $599 NOW $329

Create a masculine touch to any traditional study with the addition of the gears wall clock. Offering a black, rounded silhouette, and bolted detailing at each hour, this gear clock is designed to fit in any design style. The clock face is designed with gold etching, displaying the roman numerals and allowing the inner gears of the clock to be viewed as they turn the minute and hour hands.

Ignacio Classic Round Wall Clock
U.P. $499 NOW $299

Silver clocks are an elegant and classic choice for monochrome homes. The Ignacio wall clock body is crafted from durable iron with a silver finish, the open face revealing a peek of decorative brass-colored cogs within for an interesting visual contrast. If you have metallic accents in your room, this clock ties it all in cohesively for a luxurious touch.

Gold Table Clock
U.P. $159 NOW $99

Keep time with this chic, retro-styled clock featuring a lustrous gold finish, vintage style clock face, and pineapple-like top. This unique clock makes a decorative yet functional addition to a modern office, eclectic living room, or a funky loft apartment. The classic look of this piece complements a variety of styles while its eye-catching look adds a playful touch to any room.

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