☪️ The Great Solid Wood Sale - up to 50% Off on Furniture and More!

☪️ The Great Solid Wood Sale - up to 50% Off on Furniture and More!

We're offering up to 50% OFF on more solid wood furniture such as mirrors, tatami beds, side tables, and lounge chairs! Plus an additional 20% to 50% Off PWP Deals. While stocks last.

To complement the beautiful furniture in your home, solid wood is the perfect material to add as an accent, especially when they are designer pieces. We have a wide variety to offer for every family member for every generation, get them all now at budget-friendly prices!

We believe in touching and feeling the furniture before you buy. Everything listed (and more limited edition pieces that are not included here) are on display at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore!

New Solid Wood Living Room Sofa Sets

#1 Arizona 3+1+CT Solid Wood Frame Fabric-Upholstered Living Sofa Set (IT1928)
U.P. $2397 NOW $1699

#1 Arizona 3+1+1+CT Solid Wood Frame Fabric-Upholstered Living Sofa Set (IT1928)
U.P. $3096 NOW $2199


#1 Michigan 3+1+CT Solid Wood Frame Fabric Upholstered Living Sofa Set (IT819LCS3)
U.P. $2397 NOW $1599

#1 Arizona 3+1+1+CT Solid Wood Frame Fabric-Upholstered Living Sofa Set (IT1928)
U.P. $3196 NOW $2199


#1 Winston 3+1+CT Solid Wood Leather-Upholstered Living Sofa Set (IT868S3)
U.P. $1997 NOW $1399

#1 Winston 3+1+1+CT Solid Wood Leather-Upholstered Living Sofa Set (IT868S3)
U.P. $2696 NOW $1799


Davis 3+1+CT Solid Wood Frame Leather-Upholstered Living Sofa Set
U.P. $2497 NOW $1399

Davis 3+1+1+CT Solid Wood Frame Leather-Upholstered Living Sofa Set
U.P. $3196 NOW $1799


Americana 3+1+1+CT Solid Wood Living Sofa Set (WIL-8188C)
U.P. $5396 NOW $2399


Standing Mirror Dresser with Storage at 33% Off

Americana Solid Wood Standing Dresser with Tall Mirror
U.P. $899 NOW $599

Want an open concept wardrobe concept but don't like cheap-looking wall mounted racks or frames? This piece might be your solution. Featuring a solid box construction, this standing dresser eschews the usual swing/sliding door in order to display its contents with pride. Show the world your fashion choices and also be able to grab them easily and go. Storage wise, it features pegs, shelving and racks.

It also features a three quarter mirror for you to admire yourself as you get dressed, or for last minute hair/makeup checks.

We recommend this piece as a way to expand your existing wardrobe capacity, or even as an entryway piece for hanging your coats, hats, keys, and all the other little things that you need before heading out and about.


Designer Coffee & Side Tables starting from $199 

Manolo Bossi Zix Coffee Table (high) (WIL-8128)
U.P. $499 NOW $199

This coffee table is one of our most interesting designs in terms of form. Part A-frame and part cantilever, this piece is a multirole workhorse. Because of the cantilever, it can slightly overlap a sofa or recliner, making it possible for the piece to be used to hold a drink or snack while sitting on the couch. The top is made from solid almond wood and the legs are powder-coated steel. 

Triangle Solid Wild Almond Wood Round 3-Piece Nesting Table Set
U.P. $499 NOW $199

Geometric shapes are a wonderful design element to add into the home, and this set of three solid almond wood topped tables features two of the classics - the circle and the triangle. 

The use of metal legs gives a light and skinny look to the legs, while the substantial and solid wood top is robust and strong. The skinny legs converge in the middle of the wood top and make it look like the table top is delicately balanced in the air, but in reality it's firmly welded and screwed into place. 

The three tables are slightly different in height, so the sets can be stored overlapped to save space, or be set up overlapping to create a layered visual effect.

Expand Storage with a Solid Wood Tatami Bed with up to 50% OFF

Americana Solid Wood Tatami Storage Bed (Single, Super Single, Queen & King)
NOW 50% OFF 

Americana reconfigurable modular Tatami Boxes (Dining, Coffee Table)
NOW 50% OFF 

Mix and match to create the perfect configuration in your home. This daring experiment in multipurpose furniture brings you the best parts of both custom modular furniture and solid wood. 

You can play around with the different elements we offer to create your own unique piece. Build a bed, a dining set, a storage bench, or a coffee table that converts to a dining table. This is excellent for those who frequently host guests or enjoy reshuffling their home layout often. Check out the product page for some recommended configurations. 

Tatami Swivel Chair
U.P. $499 NOW $199

Make a chair, anywhere.

This swivel chair element is designed to work in harmony with theAmericana reconfigurable modular Tatami Boxes. Wherever you need comfortable and cushioned seating for the tatami boxes, just set one of these down and you're good to go. Great if you have older relatives or guests who might need a slightly softer seating surface, or if you intend to spend a long time sitting on your tatami furniture.

Can also be used in conjunction with a Japanese-style low dining table if you want something a bit more substantial than a cushion or carpet.  

Solid Wood Living Room Furniture Sale

AMERICANA Solid Wood 2-Door 4-Shelves TV Console (WIL-4785AB)
U.P. $699 NOW $499

A classic and spacious TV Console to meet all your entertainment needs. Crafted from real solid hevea wood, this piece features 2 swing doors and four open shelves for easy access and storage. The short doors ensure that even in smaller living rooms, there's always space to open the doors and get to what's inside, and also helps the hinges to last for a long time. Rather than a screw in handle, the swing doors have a circular hole to hook your finger into and open up, in order to maintain the tight focus on solid wood. 

Slim tapered solid wood legs give visual interest, and we've added a fifth central leg in the middle in order to make very sure that this console can bear the weight of even the heaviest TV. If you're going for a wall mount, lighter TV, or plan to use the piece for lighter duty, this fifth leg can also be omitted when assembling. 

Looks wise, this piece is more rustic in feel, and proudly features the natural grain and knots so everyone will know that your TV Console is real 100% solid wood.

Hill Solid Wood Coffee Table
U.P. $499 NOW $199

Metal and wood have always had a complimentary relationship in the world of feng shui, and this table brings both elements together in perfect harmony. Wood is associated with growth and healing, while metal is associated completion and clarity. Having these two elements in your living room, the focal point of your home's energies, will surely bring positive vibes.

Featuring design elements that are signature to modern classic furniture, the table has light and slender legs that support a thick and substantial wood top, placing the focus squarely on the beautifully textured wild almond slab while ensuring that the piece is not too bulky overall. 

The tabletop features a thoughtful lip which adds definition and contrast to the top, while also having a practical purpose - reducing the likelihood of items being pushed/sliding off the top and containing light spills before they can spill onto your carpet.

Hill Pyramid Coffee Table
U.P. $799 NOW $399

Triangles are the strongest shape in nature. Just take a look at your nearest cell phone tower or slanted roof, as an example. Triangles exude strength and masculine energy, and this table has both in spades. 

Built from solid wild almond wood, this table features plenty of bold angles. The pyramid base features grooves cut into the wood to delineate and draw the eye towards the pyramidal pedestal, whose wide base gives stability to the piece. We recommend this table for more unconventional, modern designs where its unique looks are sure to impress. 

We recommend this table for those who love to eat dinner in front of the TV. Just like our pedestal dining tables, the consolidation of the legs into one central base means that those sitting at the table aren't obstructed in any way, and unlike box-shaped coffee tables, users can sit on the floor and tuck their legs underneath the table to eat and drink in comfort. 

Hill Pyramid Side Table
U.P. $499 NOW $199

The side table version of the Hill Pyramid Coffee Table, both pieces work wonderfully when paired together, and just as well separately. Design wise, both tables share the same philosophy, but have slightly different roles. 

As a side/end table, this piece is great for filling up an extra space beside a sofa, bench, or at a corner, and is especially fetching with a funky lamp or statue placed on top.

Solid Wood Sofas at up to 30% OFF

DAVIS 3-Seater Solid Wood Frame Leather-Upholstered Sofa
U.P. $1299 NOW $799

The Davis sofa is all about old school luxury at an excellent price. Built from solid rubber wood and featuring real leather upholstery, this sofa is great for those who think different, and want a sofa with a bit more contrast and character. 

Taking cues from famous mid century solid wood sofas like those designed byFinn Juhl, this piece blends natural elements together to create a piece that is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the bum (when you take a seat). 

We recommend this piece for homes with a more retro style, but it's just as suitable for modern homes, where it will add a handsome old school touch. 

DAVIS 1-Seater Solid Wood Frame Leather-Upholstered Sofa
U.P. $699 NOW $399

Love the Davis sofa but don't have the space? Or maybe a three seater isn't enough? We have the solution for you. All the same handsomeness of the original three seater, but in a smaller package. 

Pair this one up with the Davis three seater for an aesthetically consistent living room setup, or use it alone as an armchair in the living room or bedroom. 

NAGOYA 1-Seater Solid Wood PU-Leather Upholstered Sofa (ITG-1298)
U.P. $599 NOW $399

NAGOYA 3-Seater Solid Wood PU-Leather Upholstered Sofa (ITG-1298)
U.P. $1299 NOW $799

Inspired by old school Oriental furniture design, we've mixed this one up with a little bit of quilting to add a little more texture to the design. With big, airy spaces between the seat and armrest to add lightness to the design, and a high contrast mixture of dark stained hevea wood (inspired by traditional Chinese scholars' study rooms) and a rich ivory upholstery, this piece is a modernised homage to the classics. 




Americana Solid Wood 3-Seater Sofa with Cushion (WIL-8188C-2S)
U.P. $2099 NOW $999

Americana Solid Wood 2-Seater Sofa with Cushion (WIL-8188C-2S)
U.P. $1699 NOW $899

Big, lavish solid wood panels are the hallmark of this sofa's design. While many solid wood sofa designs make use of slim armrests for an airier silhouette, this piece wants you to know that it's all about solid wood. 

The armrests feature a thoughtful slope to cradle your elbows gently, and the thinness of those same armrests mean that this sofa has a very compact footprint for a 2 seater sofa, coming in at just 1.28 meters wide and 67cm deep. 

This characteristic makes it suitable for smaller homes, and it can even be put into the bedroom at the foot of a queen bed, so you can come home from a long day and have a lie down immediately.

The deep frame with thick cushions has a wonderful minimalist aesthetic, and the cushions themselves feature removable and washable zippered covers.

Solid Wood Study Desks for only $299

Georgia Scissors Study Writing Desk (F5-TORRAN-003)
U.P. $699 NOW $299

An excellent lightweight, low-footprint writing solution, this piece breaks away from the trend of heavy, bulky and imposing writing desks. If you're the type who needs just a laptop and a cup of coffee in front of you, this might be perfect for your needs. 

Light in terms of physical and visual weight, this table is great for when you need a desk solution in a small space such as the bedroom, or can also pull double duty as a vanity table with a mirror wall mounted above it or placed onto the top shelf. 


VIRGINIA Swing Study Table (F5-TORRAN-0012)
U.P. $899 NOW $499

This piece is effectively three study tables in one. 

Virginia Swing Study Desk possesses unique architectural style in spades. Its airy-light look belies the serious functionality it possesses.

Structurally, the desk is an open S-shaped shelving unit in a contrasting white underneath the walnut-colored wooden table top is underpinned by two wooden posts that match the table top. These center posts, along with the base of the shelving unit, keep the desk very stable. The straight legs of the Virginia Swing Study Desk, with a unique taper at the very end, are strengthened further with a stretcher beam.

The Virginia Swing Study Desk instantaneously doubles its surface area for studying when you swivel it out and use the revealed shelving platform top as a desktop, maybe for a double screen setup.

You and your study partner can swing the table top out a complete 180 degrees. It can swing fully open to become a wide desk, 90 degrees to become an L-shaped desk, and anything in between. By changing the configuration, you and your partner can choose whether you want to sit side by side or even closer together, allowing for easy reconfiguration and flexible use of space in the home.



Patio Lounge Style for only $299

Americana Solid Wood Adirondack Lounge Arm Chair
U.P. $899 NOW $299

Low and comfortable, this chair brings a super chill and beachy vibe into the comfort of your home. Featuring a decorative yet functional slatted back and a thick upholstered cushion, you can lean back and relax with the Adirondack. 


Furniture for Fur babies at up to 60% OFF

Pet Sleep Hut Solid Wood with Lockable Sliding Door
U.P. $699 NOW $279

Cats and dogs love their own personal space, with a plethora of nap areas to choose from. Solid wood furniture is a great fixture for pets because of its sturdiness, so whatever trickeries and mischievous mishaps your pets get into, solid wood will stand as strong as it did on day one. Plus, this space doubles up storage capacity as well, so it's a win-win for pawrents too. 

Solid Wood Pet Furniture

Looking for more solid wood pet furniture? We have a wide variety currently at up to 50% OFF!

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