The Affordable Art Sale Up To 60% Off + Additional 10% Off

The Affordable Art Sale Up To 60% Off + Additional 10% Off

Buying art for your home usually comes with a hefty price tag, and it becomes quite inaccessible for many. We believe that art should be democratised and available to the masses for all of us to enjoy the full mental benefits!

Each framed art is limited edition - once sold, considered gone - so you can't find any copies in anybody else's home as its truly uniquely yours.

Shop Singapore's Widest Range of Framed Art at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore

Start browsing our full art collection online and read through our top 10 artists and cultural icons article to get a rough idea of your personal style.

For more inspiration, scroll down to see our picked favourites for the sale!

The Pop Art King: Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol - Chairman Mao, 1972
U.P. $1499 NOW $899

Andy Warhol - Lemon Marilyn, 1962
U.P. $799 NOW $599

One of Warhol's most reknowned portraits is that of the Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong (1893–1976). Warhol was compelled to portray Mao as he became increasingly aware of the power and ubiquity of a man who was to become one of the most recognisable figures in modern history. The images he used of Mao were reproduced using screen print before being arranged in a serial manner on canvas; endless editions of the image used were then created.

Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych exemplified everything that Pop art was, thanks to its explicit reference to Marilyn Monroe, who was an icon of pop culture. Warhol’s depictions of women and starlets explored the relationships between consumer society, fashion, fame, sensationalism and death. It is also said that through his distinctive style of work, Warhol referred to a society in which individuals were seen as mere products rather than human beings.

From New York Streets to High Brow Museums: Keith Haring

Variety of Keith Haring Licensed Prints
U.P. $699 NOW $399

Keith Haring was a popular artist and activist who was part of the legendary New York art scene during the 1980s. While he is known for his colourful works and his iconic motifs such as the radiant baby and the barking dog, much of his work responded to contemporary social and political events. This included the battle to end Apartheid, the AIDS epidemic and drug abuse.

Inspired by graffiti artists, he began drawing in New York’s subway stations; filling empty poster spaces with chalk drawings which people would walk past every day. His aim was to make art accessible to everyone and these works allowed him to interact with a diverse audience.

Trace Your Travels

JiaHui Li - Linkage Map
U.P. $699 NOW $399

Vision Studio - Armillary Sphere I & II
U.P. $699 NOW $399

If you identify as a student of the world, a global citizen, or perhaps an avid explorer of continents and cultures; our range of cartography art in vintage, modern, and line work styles might be up your alley.

The large Linkage Map in black and gold provides an uncommon two views of the globe. You can easily pinpoint countries you've traversed and track your memories for each journey right at the dining table. It wows your guests, adds decorative texture to plain areas, and reminds you of the next adventure you need to take!

Red has a powerful effect on your body and brain. It is a warm colour known to draw people in, giving them energy and making them feel excited. Astronomical science and colour psychology meet in these 2 pieces. Ponder about the universe and the coming of being with these armillary spheres, which are skeletons of the celestial globe, and were used as a teaching tool to solve various astronomical problems to a crude degree of accuracy.

A Twist on Classic Porcelain

JiaHui Li - Beetle I & II
U.P. $1519 NOW $899

Porcelain prints is the up-and-coming trend of 2022 in fashion, home decor, jewellery & more. A classic design retrofitted for the modern era.

The rhinocerous beetle (left) is famous in Japan, used in beetle wrestling matches and worth thousands of dollars. They're being smuggled into the country in alarming rates due to its growing popularity as household pets. The dung (stag) beetle (right) is an important symbolism in ancient Egyptian religion. This beetle was a favourite form used for amulets, symbolising the cyclical nature of life and existence. It's interesting to display something regarded as lowly and disgusting in an ornate and elaborate style!

Create a Gallery Wall Accent

JiaHui Li - In My Dreams I Was a Child
U.P. $299 NOW $199

JiaHui Li - Lucky Dice
U.P. $339 NOW $199

QiLing Gao - Checkerboard III
U.P. $769 NOW $499

There are so many reasons to love gallery walls, and while it may have seemed like a passing trend at one point, this beautiful way of displaying prints and photos has become a home decor look that is clearly here to stay. Not only does a well-laid gallery wall allow you to display all of your favorite prints at once, but it can add endless visual interest to any room. It's difficult for guests to ignore the impulse to stop and peer at each painting, photograph, or illustration more closely. Perhaps it's because a gallery seems like multiple windows into a homeowner's mind - the more revealing, the better.

For Children's Bedrooms or Study

Grace Popp - Simple Scribbles III & IV
U.P. $499 NOW $899

"Purchasing fine art for toddlers is the latest way for Hollywood parents to nurture little A-list intellects. These youngsters won’t just be smart — they’ll be creative, unorthodox thinkers, and they’ll have good taste, too.” writes Ginny Chien for the New York Times. They spent USD$20,000 to create their children's gallery.

Our vibrant, colourful, and creative artworks that fit into baby nurseries and kid bedrooms can provide the same benefits for much lesser. Children absorb colours, shapes, scenes and signs, all helping them didactically and honing their cognitive faculties. As parents, it’s our job to encourage these traits in every way possible. The décor we choose for their rooms requires care and consideration, because young minds are highly receptive to their environments.

Collect a Series of Works

JiaHui Li - Dome I, II, III, IV, V & VI
U.P. $1099 NOW $699

Above the sofa are photographs of various frescoes adorning the ceilings of renaissance cathedrals. Painstakingly crafted in a time before scissor lifts granted easy access to high areas, the art was intended to give visitors a glimpse of the divine as they raised their eyes towards the heavens. Now in a convenient and compact wall-hung format, these pieces can 'elevate' your home decor and let you study the art in detail without hurting your neck.

Bring in Good Luck with Your Spirit Animal

Windy Chen - Hop On and Take a Leap Forward I & II
U.P. $999 NOW $799

Animals hold meaning in feng shui and are believed to invite prosperity, health, and good fortune into your life when placed in an auspicious area in your home. They are also a great physical manifestation of your core beliefs and can serve as a reminder to be true to yourself. Learn about your spirit animal decor with our article.

Instead of the usual red and gold lucky colours that might not blend well with your monochrome or vibrant hued interiors, browse our wide selection of animal prints and motif in various styles, from photorealistic to water colour illustrations and cool string work like the one featured above! 

Express your personality through Singapore's largest wall art display at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore with our wide range of art styles, themes, and colours that fits into all kinds of interior decor.

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