Wall Mirror Sale Now On! How to Brighten Your Home

Wall Mirror Sale Now On! How to Brighten Your Home

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend, and with good reason. Mirrors have multiple amazing uses in home decor. Besides the obvious (and most boring) use as a tool to check your appearance with, designers can also use mirrors, in all kinds of unexpected ways.

Mirrors can make dull corners and plain hallways exciting, make your home look and feel bigger, and even help multiply your fortune with feng shui! Read on to find out how.

Scroll down to explore mirror designs that suit your interior decor style and get some styling tips along the way!

Mirrors Come in All Shapes and Sizes

solid wooden fir circular mirror by ABhome Picket&Rail

Fir Wood Round Wall Mirror
UP $179 NOW $130

The thin, dark fir wood frame encircling the round wall mirror offers a modern, minimalist look that makes this piece perpetually stylish and endlessly versatile. Wood brings warmth into the room, and balances out heavy elements such as stone or metal furnishes. The circle shape is super easy to match with whatever design you have, and circles are a traditional symbol of wholeness and harmony too.

Fir is a durable wood found in Europe and North America, commonly used for outdoor furniture items as it is not affected by humid weathers and doesn't dry or warp out of its shape when wet.  So you can enjoy this well-constructed piece in your home or office for many years to come.

Round mirrors are associated with vanity, so hanging one at your entryway can invite more light in and serve as a last minute hair or make up check. It will also serve you well hung over a study desk or a vanity table.

Distressed Rectangle Wall Mirror
UP $239 NOW $139

This handsome wall mirror makes a big visual impression thanks to its bold frame. Each edge of the frame is mirrored as well to create a cohesive and continuous look a fantastic style for contemporary interiors. Between each mirrored panel, a lightly distressed silver finish lends a hint of vintage appeal. We love that the purposeful distress doesn't go too over the top to create a tacky look, rather it is minimally applied for an elegant effect.

Rectangular mirrors can brighten up any room when placed opposite or bedside windows.

Even more than a regular mirror, the angled frames help it to catch and reflects natural sunlight to all corners, with its long shape helping too. You can also hang it above a long sideboard along the entryway or above your dining table to make the space seem larger.


White Rectangle Lantern Patterned Mirror
UP $949 NOW $539

Pairing a classic lantern tile pattern and a distressed white finish, this gorgeous mirror brings an elegant, slightly vintage touch to any room. With its tall 59″ height, this mirror offers a full-length look with classic, graceful style that complements vintage and monochromatic interiors. Elevate your everyday #ootd updates onto social media with this mirror! The potential creative selfie shots are endless.

Think about this piece as almost like a window, but one where you can choose the exact location. This lovely mirror can be hung or leaned on the wall in your bedroom, living room, or balcony. When placed behind a few vases of flowers, scented candles on trays with table art, it will highlight your decor area with a Pinterest-perfect yet practical backdrop.

Gold Painted Wooden Wall Mirror
UP $529 NOW $309

Featuring a dynamic design in warm, natural wood supported by a simple iron frame, this stunning wall shelf brings sleek, industrial style to any room. Add this unique piece in an eclectic entryway, urban loft, or farmhouse kitchen for an eye-catching way to accent a wall. Fill with cascading houseplants or framed photographs for a custom look that reflects your personal style.

American Walnut Colossal Square Mirror
UP $1689 NOW $969

American black walnut timber is very highly prized for its straight, dark, heavy, strong, fine-grained heartwood, which is used to make fine furniture, flooring, kitchen accessories, gunstocks, and expensive coffins. It has straight fine grains, often with attractive swirls and wave patterning that come in the form of wood knots, burls and curls that develop a beautiful patina over the years.

A common feng shui practice is to place mirrors above kitchen sideboards that reflect the food on the dining table to double your prosperity and abundance. 

Gold Flower Round Mirror
UP $169 NOW $99

With its layered, flower petal design and metallic shine, this round mirror adds a golden gleam to any home or office. The simple, classic design combined with the burnished gold finish gives this piece a casual elegance that complements a variety of styles.

Even though the frame is made of metal, the soft pinched edges seem to flow naturally as a flower growing in the wilderness. These mirrors standalone well, but look better when layered with others on a wall decor, adding a visual accent to an otherwise masculine colour palette. 

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