☪️ Solid Wood Bed Sale + $300 Bedding Voucher

☪️ Solid Wood Bed Sale + $300 Bedding Voucher

You always hear about getting enough sleep, but what about sex? After all, it's the next most popular bedroom activity. When we advocate for healthy and happy families, we make what goes on in the bedroom our business too. Everyone deserves bedding that is built for both leisure and pleasure.

Free $300 Bedding Voucher with Purchase

Claim your FREE $300 Bedding Voucher with any Solid Wood Queen/King bed purchase.While stocks last.

There are mainly two types of beds, storage beds and platform beds (no underbed storage). Depending on your bedroom size, having extra storage space does not hurt. Read on for some rock solid suggestions.


Solid Wood Queen Platform Beds

MISSION XII Solid Wood Queen Bed
U.P. $2399 NOW $1399

Mission furniture dates back to the 1800s United States and is known for its classic parallel-slats design. The straight lines and flat panes highlight the natural grains in the wood and makes a heavy and sturdy piece of furniture appear light. Without a footboard, your bedding choice can shine and you're less likely to bump into the corners. Simple and elegant, the Mission design is popular in homes all over the world till today. 


ASHTON Solid Wood Queen Bed
U.P. $3399 NOW $1899

If you like to sleep higher off the ground, pick this classic. The elevated bed base (45cm height) is suitable for taller people and has space for storage underneath. The solid wood headboard is designed taller too to accommodate thicker mattresses that are typically more comfortable. Its thick pillar-style legs ensures long-lasting support that won't break for years to come. 


NEW JERSEY Solid Wood Queen Bed
U.P. $3099 NOW $1699

One of the only models in our bedroom collection that features a footboard. It has been in our collection for 15 years and counting! The classic walnut-stained wooden slat design looks clean, without any visible screws and nuts, an ode to the old-time craftsmanship. The low bed base and tall headboard makes it suitable for thick mattresses. All queen beds come with a fabric-upholstered platform bed base for maximum mattress support whenever you're sleeping or doing the deed.

Solid Wood Queen Storage Beds

ASHTON Solid Wood Queen Storage Bed
U.P. $3499 NOW $2399

Maximise the underbed storage space with our bestselling ASHTON storage bed with six drawers for 5 years running! It's an original design by our engineers for long-lasting sturdiness. It comes with a fabric-upholstered platform bed base to make space for storage. Its lowered profile of 31cm in height makes this a great bed for petites and fits thicker mattresses with enough space for bedding, pillows, and blankets in the drawers.


ASHTON Solid Wood Queen Platform Storage Bed
U.P. $3899 NOW $2899

This higher profile platform storage bed (36.5cm) is quite special. The bottom base drawers are tucked underneath the mattress for a cleaner and seamless look. It can also serve as bedside storage so you can forgo the nightstand. The construction of the bed base as a solid piece of wood provides 100% support for your mattress. Changing your bedsheets is made easier when the corners of the mattress are easier to reach.


CHICAGO Solid Wood Queen Bed with Drawers 
U.P. $5499 NOW $2699

An industrial style bed complete with two front drawers for an organised room. Made using walnut stained solid American Poplar wood, a popular hardwood choice for funiture made in the United States. The brushed matte gunmetal parts are colour-matched and painted for anti-rust assurance. Thin legs suit small apartments to make your bedroom look spacious. Comes with matching industrial furniture too!

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Shop all the above now at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore! With matching bedroom furniture and more mattress types to choose from, Picket&Rail is your one-stop solid wood furniture shop for everything you need in your home under one roof.

Tatami Storage Beds Now on Sale!

Custom Carpentry Tatami Storage Bed - All Sizes [PREORDER]

3-Door 3-Shelf Tatami Storage Bed in Single, Super Single, Queen and King

Queen Bed
U.P. from $2699 NOW from $1299 (white only, limited stocks)

King Bed
U.P. from $2999 NOW from $2199 (upgraded formaldehyde-free material)

This is our best value tatami bed, and definitely the best if you don’t plan to include a nightstand in your bedroom setup. Featuring a generous allotment of open shelving, this bed was especially designed to add storage to bedrooms in small-homes.

The key advantage of this bed’s open shelving is the ability to rapidly store and retrieve items without having to make use of doors. This adds speed and convenience. If you don’t have a nightstand, the side shelving on this storage bed can fill that role for you.

You can place your spectacles, smartphone, and other electronic devices inside, all within easy reach. The center shelf can even easily hold a water bottle or pitcher so you can drink up when you wake up. What’s more, unlike a nightstand, this form of storage reduces the risk of knocking down objects like a glass of water, storage tray or bottle hand lotion. That’s good news if you or one of your family members has the tendency to move around in their sleep.

Open shelving is also great if you want to display what you’re storing. You could place in decorative items to add in some visual interest and personality, or even favorite souvenirs or collectibles. The shelves at the foot of the bed are super handy for storage of items associated with the bed such as cushions, pillowcases and bedsheets, so they are also always within easy reach. However, all this doesn’t mean you compromise on long term storage.

This bed also boasts four large storage compartments with swing doors. The handles are designed to swivel down and stow away neatly whenever they’re not in use, giving you a flat surface to lay down your mattress. Those same compartments are excellent for long term storage – winter clothing, extra pillows and blankets for guests, seldom used clothes and handbags, and more.

One interesting feedback we’ve gotten from customers is that it’s popular for heavy readers. We’ve been told that the compartments are great for storing and displaying a favorite collection of books. If you’ve ever wanted to rest on a foundation of knowledge this bed might be for you.

The interior separators dividing the compartments also act as structural support for your mattress and yourself, so the bed won’t creak and shift like low-quality metal or wooden bedframes.

Finally, because of the rectangular shape, the beds also don’t need to be vacuumed underneath, as dust won’t enter in the first place. More storage, less maintenance.

Sg #1 best maximum storage high storage built in custom queen bed

#1 6-Top Swing Door Tatami Queen Storage Bed - Assorted Colors (TQ8)
U.P. $2499 NOW $1799

This bed is perfect for the maximalists among us or those who just need as much storage as can fit into a single bed. Built with one main purpose which is to be Singapore’s most efficient Storage Bed.

With a whopping six compartments of storage space for the Single and NINE with the queen, the capacity added by this bed is equivalent to adding a whole second wardrobe to your bedroom. Like the bed above, the 6 compartments are excellent for long term storage while providing a strong and stable platform for sleep and other activities. Safety features such as a soft closing hydraulic mechanism prevent loud noises from slamming and accidental injuries. 

We're currently offering a crazy price deal for the queen bed at only $1299 - just 100 dollars more than the single & super single. Make sure to snatch up this offer while stocks last, before it's gone!

King/Queen Platform Tatami Storage Bed at 24% OFF

Custom Carpentry Tatami King Storage Bed - TK6-H300 **Pre-Order**

6-Drawer 3-Top Swing Door Tatami King Storage Bed - Assorted Colors (TK1)
U.P. $3799 NOW $2899

6-Drawer 3-Top Swing Door Tatami Queen Storage Bed - Assorted Colors (TQ1)
U.P. $3499 NOW $2499

This tatami storage bed is designed with older folks in mind. Drawers provide the ultimate convenience of storing everyday items since it's so easy to reach without adding visual clutter to the room, and requires minimal force to push or pull the handle. You can also choose to store bedsheets, extra pillows and more to keep all the bedroom items organised in one place.

One more special feature about this tatami bed is the bigger platform top that extends beyond the drawers. The 30cm bed height is also slightly lower than the 40cm average.

Why was it designed as such? The extra base length helps to prevent hard knocks against your toes at the drawers(happens too often) and its curved edges minimises scratches against your calf when you're walking in the dark. Any standard queen mattress sits atop the base nicely, and with a lower height bed height, it can fit thicker mattresses

Queen Sliding Door Storage Bed

Custom Carpentry Tatami Queen Storage Bed - TQ11 **Pre-Order**

3-Door Sliding 4-Top Swing Door Tatami Queen Storage Bed - Assorted Colors (TQ5)
U.P. $2699 NOW $2099

Singaporean real estate is expensive, and very often the space available to us is tight. One of the most common outcomes of this scenario is that there is a very small distance between the two biggest pieces of furniture in the bedroom - bed and wardrobe. 

One common solution for this is sliding door wardrobes, whose doors need no clearance to open up unlike swing wardrobes. But have you heard of a sliding door storage bed?

We've applied the space saving principle of sliding doors to beds, and done so with high standards. Our sliding door Single and Super Single storage beds feature a deep storage compartment and triple sliding door configuration. Three sliding doors on two rails conceal three compartments for organization, and as long as there's space between the wardrobe and bed, you'll easily be able to access your belongings. 

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We can custom build your very own Tatami Bed. Add whatever feature you need; drawers, shelves, sliding doors, special sized compartment, storage headboard and more.

European Wood Beds at up to 45% OFF

Norya Queen Bed (1.5m) in American Black Walnut (NYS-KACDI4-1)(STD-Q)
U.P. $5499 NOW $2599

The large continuous slab of American black walnut wood at the foot of the bed frame is a sight to behold. This shape boasts the use of the expensive and precious material, while letting the natural knots and grains shine without interruption, making this piece look grand. With a simple headboard design in grids, this blocky bed adds a grounding element to any bedroom. 

Norya Queen Bed in American Walnut with Leather Upholstered Headboard (NYS-KACM1-1)
U.P. $6099 NOW $4299

If the above models are too heavy on the eyes for you, this Norya bed is visually lighter while keeping the same prized design and elements. Solid american walnut leg pillars make the bed sturdy and strong, so you can freely experiment with creative positions without worrying about it breaking! The mattress would lie atop wooden slats for better ventilation, as mattresses this size would be hard to shift around.

Norya Bed (2.2m) Walnut Solid Wood with Leather (NYS-RCT15-1)
U.P. $7799 NOW $3499

Introducing the new Norya series: D5 Pro. Cleaner designs without compromising on structural integrity, its wood shade is also slightly ashier to mute the deep amber tones that are out of style.

The thoughtful element of this design is its headrest. Cushioned for maximum comfort and support, you can rest your back against it for reading or streaming while sitting up, so no hard edges will eat into your spine and cause pain. Especially great for people who love doing everything in bed. It measures slightly larger than most queen beds at 2.2m for larger bedrooms, so you have more space to roll and lounge around. A bed of this size also commands a grand presence.

Norya Bed (2.1m) in Dark Oak & Leather (NYS-RCE15N-1)
U.P. $5999 NOW $2699

This D6 Pro 2.1m bed follows the same design concepts as the above model with a small difference. Curved edges soften up the masculine look of grey leather, and the Dark European Oak fits right into modern and contemporary interiors. A hidden fifth leg lies right in the center of the mattress for better structural support, and this feature is present in all of our queen and king wooden bed frames. It's the secret to its long-lasting durability!

Did you notice that the cushion is separated by a horizontal seam? The two zones are compressed differently to provide ergonomic support and comfort for necks and backs of people who love sitting up in bed.

Norya Queen Bed (2.1m) in Light Oak (NYS-XCA15-1)
U.P. $6799 NOW $2799

Light and clean white oak make this bed easy to match with your decor, and it fits perfectly into more minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes. The gentle curve on the headboard softens the look, and gives the piece an organic, inspired-by-nature feel.

Norya Queen Bed (2.1m) in Light Oak (NYS-XCM15)
U.P. $6799 NOW $3299

Dark leather and light oak come together in this bed to give an alluring contrast, drawing the eye to the headboard and creating a solid center to design your bedroom around. The quilted leather headboard offers comfortable back support for those who love to sit up in bed. We recommend this bed for those who love light and clean Nordic design, but want something with just a little bit more boldness and character. The headboard is build extra tall to support the back fully, and allows this bed to accommodate a deep and luxurious mattress without any awkwardness.

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Solid wood beds are the best investment you can make for happiness and health, in the bedroom and beyond. We have lots of solid wood bed designs and variety on display at our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore!

We make the trip worth it:

✅ FREE delivery and installation (worth $300)

✅ FREE Grab/Gojek/Comfort ride to our Furniture, Art & Baby Megastore @ 25 Tagore with any purchase of $200 and above

✅ FREE basement parking with any purchase of $200 and above

✅ FREE anti-Covid HomeGuard365® self-disinfecting coating for all new furniture purchases

✅ Upgrade to our 10-year warranty by becoming a Picket&Rail member (Free & 0 hassle sign up!)

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