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Art Guide for Every Room

September 23, 2020

Art Guide for Every Room

A bare wall is no fun. Many homeowners focus on the furniture and forget to consider the adornment on their walls beyond a lick of paint or fresh sheet of wallpaper. With the appropriate decoration hung on the wall, any living space can be transformed from plain and boring to unique and personal.

Purchasing the right piece of art to complement each room in your abode can be a challenging task. Once you find a piece befitting your decor, it sets the theme for the entire room and space you’re working with. It defines the personality of the homeowner and their space, harmonizes odd pieces whilst creating character in a home. The thrill from buying art also offers a sense of community, feelings of victory, cultural superiority, and social distinction; some say it even fills a spiritual void.

Spoiled with choices in the market, from living artists to licensed prints and art auctions, it's tough to narrow down your options. There are a few guidelines to make sure you select the perfect piece for a specific space, according to your budget.

For the Bedroom

A license print of the Glowing Seashell Series by Magesa Biseko.Glowing Shells Series by Magesa Biseko

The artwork in the bedroom should reflect its purpose: a place for relaxation and retreat. The best places to hang art is directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. We’d recommend large scale, abstract pieces with soothing colours or tones hung at eye level. For photography, landscapes or desaturated photos work best. The frames should be kept minimal, matched with the accent of the bedroom or in a single colour. The focal point should be on the art piece itself and not so much its vessel.

a foggy waterscape licensed printFoggy Waterscape Print with Frame


For the Living Room

a vintage atlas mirror wall art is hung in a muted grey Scandinavian interiorFeatured: Vintage Atlas Mirrored Wall Art

The most intimidating yet most fun room to decorate with art is the living room. Many of us feel insurmountable pressure here since this is the space where it gets the most attention from your guests. Choosing the right piece is elemental in provoking conversation and setting the atmosphere of the space. If you have a wide, bare wall, it is advisable to opt for one large-scale piece or a large gallery wall. Perhaps consider something eye-catching, out of the 2D norm or go for a bold, metallic mirror. Let your creativity flow and think outside the frame.

a white head deer wall art made of resinDarby Deer Head Wall Accent


For the Kitchen

a set of vintage style fork and spoon licensed printDanica Fork and Spoon Print

The kitchen is the most commonly forgotten room when decorating with art. Often referred to as “the heart of the home”, it is the most used space of the house witnessing the labour of love. Art should be incorporated into the area to inspire culinary creations, or set the right atmosphere for the family to come together and dine.

Countertops or spaces above cabinets are perfect homes for art. To keep the art in the details, lean towards smaller pieces that complement, not overwhelm, the space. We recommend going with funny posters that make us smile and colourful vintage prints that emblem a certain mood.


For the Office

an untitled keith haring licensed print with black and gold accent frameAbstract by Keith Haring

Art is a fantastic way to personalise your office and keep you inspired, especially when you’re working from home through the Circuit Breaker. Picket&Rail likes to keep things fresh and new by creating a rotating gallery. The first step is to install either a long floating wall shelf (NORYA) or shelves with interesting motifs over your workspace or close to it. Now you can pick out an assortment of works that catch your eye.

Envision a mood board of sorts, positive images or works by artists who inspire you are great places to start. Be open to different sizes, big and small to explore all the endless combinations and possibilities of your rotating gallery. Go for a minimalist vibe with all in similar frames or be free with different frames to add some character. These pieces can be updated whenever their tenancy is over on your wall without any hassle!

a licensed print of the last supper by andy warholAndy Warhol Collection

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