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10 Reasons To Shop At Picket&Rail City Square Mall

October 05, 2020

10 Reasons To Shop At Picket&Rail City Square Mall

Your home is an extension of who you are, a large blank canvas filled with endless possibilities. With worldwide travel restrictions in place, we are collectively spending more time staying in and home decor has never been more of a worthy investment. 

A beautiful living space designed for relaxation does wonders for your mental and physical well-being. It is where you return from a stressful day to unwind with family, have intimate dinners with loved ones and host BBQ parties over the weekend. The furnishings chosen for your home must be of the highest quality, alluring and long-lasting, deserving of the best and nothing less. 

To start your home decor journey, here are 10 reasons why Accessories, Art and Accents by Picket&Rail at City Square Mall is the perfect first stop.


Easy commute with food

Photo from TheVentMachine

City Square Mall is in the heart of Little India, amongst the beautiful array of vibrant colours and varieties of delicious curries. A stone’s throw from Farrer Park MRT with a covered basement pathway and ample parking bays, the commute is a breeze. Accessories, Art and Accents is also a great place for newlyweds and young couples to paktor and discuss home decor before signing the BTO. Better to hash out both of your dream homes now than regret later!


Limited edition and celebrity design

A&B Home is recognised as the international leader within the home decor, furniture, garden and seasonal product categories. Designed by Anthony Venetucci, Jessica Carnevale, Abigail Ahern and Dann Foley, they are an award-winning, celebrity interior design dream team. Each collection is specially curated for the season with limited production, so once they are sold you would not see them on the shelves anymore. In one day, gone the next to constantly bring fresh and inspiring decorations for every home.

No house is the same when you shop with Picket&Rail!


Be a true patron of the arts

Photo by Handy Wicaksono on Unsplash

Why purchase licensed prints and original art when it will be the same printed from a quick Google search? Original art means more than a status symbol: the ink quality, frame build, paper choice, colour accuracy and longevity are all factors considered by a licensed printer. Moreso, your home will easily stand out from the mass-produced crowd who blindly purchase without considering the origin story. Become a true patron of the arts and adorn your walls with aesthetic, meaningful pieces that can strike creative conversations!


Widest range of exposed gear clocks

Clocks are a necessity in every home, but it can always be dressed up. Industrial exposed gear clocks are the hottest items of 2020. From rugged steampunk to elegant vintage, they fit into any interior theme effortlessly while captivating to watch as time passes by. This design is an ode to the intricate mechanisms that account for luxury watches’ prices, because it allows a view of the delicate components that are polished to every last bit. You will be spoilt for choices with the widest range of exposed gear/skeleton clocks that suit every palate here!


All your candle needs sorted

There is no substitute for the candlelight glow and the ambiance it creates. For the days when harsh, direct light is too much, a few well-placed candles in your home sets a warm and welcoming atmosphere without much hassle. When romantic date nights are called to rekindle the love, the fine dining experience can be replicated by having a few tasteful candle holders to create a soft, cozy and intimate lighting. 

If you are scared of fire, LED candles are also sold to provide the same results without danger or worrying about setting off the fire alarm. Even if you are not at all a candle connoisseur, our collection is sure to change your mind!


Timeless hourglass designs

The golden glories of the steampunk ‘70s are returning in full swing, most evidently by the modernised hourglasses. These darlings sit perfectly on any tabletop as a decorative accent or put to use for practical reasons. Use these to cook your perfect runny eggs in the kitchen, time your social media breaks when working from home, track your at-home facial concoctions or as a visual timer when spending quiet time with your kids. 

There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. You will not regret having one (or two) of these at home!


Trays that stand out

There is no decorative homeware more versatile than a good old-fashioned tray. Already a great everyday organizer, a statement tray makes an impeccable accompaniment to any empty-looking tabletop. They also jazz up any high tea catch-up sessions with the girlfriends at home, and might even make a splendid display for small succulents and knick knacks alike.

These are excellent multitaskers and having a few beautiful trays in your arsenal is never a waste. As big fans of decorative trays, we carry a large variety of sizes, shapes and prints for you to choose from that fits both your style and budget.


Eye-catching tabletop accents

Tabletop accents make or break a space. For the price of a couple of lattes, it is possible to completely refresh a room and spruce up your home with a few well-placed accents throughout. Whenever you look away from the screens, give your eyes a break with beautiful coral figures that remind you of a serene coastal beach trip or a striking figurine to express a personal milestone. The sky is truly the limit and your creativity can run free; if there is an empty space, in our humble opinion, it needs an accent.

From elegant vases to house your plants to grand jewelry boxes to feel like a queen, we have all the accessories to take your interiors up a notch.


Trendy metal wall sculptures and mirrors

This is the best statement piece for any new homeowner, no matter a minimalist or a maximalist. These metal wall sculptures add a touch of elegance to bland walls without too much drama, but enough to command attention and look enigmatic from any angle. They can be building blocks for a contemporary statement wall for those who want to rebel against the conventional framed wall art seen in most homes. The silver and gold makes them easy to match with your existing furniture, a missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle. 


Instagram-worthy mirrors

Mirrors are made to serve more than its vanity purposes for modern interiors. They are framed in assorted designs ranging from sunbursts to wavy for contemporary flavours, and distressed vintage prints for a dynamic appeal. This stylish twist on classic wall art is hardly found anywhere else in Singapore. These state-of-the-art mirror decor will definitely swoon the visiting guests and impress your online following when it is featured in the backdrop of your social media posts. No more boring mirror selfies!


Rest assured that once you step foot into Accessories, Art and Accents by Picket&Rail, you will be comparing every other home decor shop to the unique designs found exclusively here. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the collections, simply take a picture of the room you wish to decorate and our friendly assistants are always ready to recommend a thing or two. Feel free to browse through our online catalogue here as well, but these pieces are always best viewed and admired in person!

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