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Why Shop at Picket&Rail

September 19, 2019

Why Shop at Picket&Rail

Because we care. We truly believe you deserve quality furniture for every bit of money well-spent. With decades of experience in retailing, exporting, manufacturing and designing furniture, we've learned and heard plenty. Time after time, customers have come up to tell us how they're still using our beds, dining tables, or chairs from decades ago. We believe that quality is the best advertisement. Time changes. But we strive to make sure our quality doesn't.

Because we are focused on the furniture business. We specialize in furniture and home furnishings. We do not retail IT, electrical and electronic goods. We are not distracted.

Because since the beginning we have provided a wide range of quality furniture for many different customers' needs, at a wide variety of prices. Quality can be expressed equally well in a sturdy, wooden stool and an opulent full-leather sofa. No matter the product, we make sure that the best quality of furniture reaches our customers, and perhaps someday the children of our customers. We do not believe in low-price, low-quality products. 

 Because to us furniture is more than physical objects. At Picket&Rail we believe that items of furniture should not be mere objects  - but that each piece has a cultural, lifestyle or historical value as well. We aim to deliver furniture that speaks, each line and texture telling a story. Furniture not only to live in, but to live through. From the sturdiness of Americana to the casual sophistication of the Modern Classics, we bring style to your homes. We deliver Thinking People's Furniture.

Because we do our part for Mother Earth. The woods used in our furniture are always 100% sustainable, derived from legal sources,  light on chemicals, and built to last. Longer lasting furniture means less disposal. Less disposal means less furniture ends up filling up a dump or being incinerated into polluting, black smog. Responsible logging processes hurt the operations of illegal loggers who often use child labor and other unethical means. We protect the Earth because it is the only home we have.

Because we are transparent. All our products are on the internet with clearly stated prices and product specifications. Our terms and conditions are spelled out in simple language.

Because we are not just a website. We are Picket&Rail. We have been in Singapore since 1999 and have furnished more than 250,000 homes. Don't make your purchase based on some online review, come down to one of our Showrooms to feel and see the quality of our products.

When you shop with Picket and Rail, you do the world a favour, and you most assuredly do yourself one, too. By the way, we also :

  • provide a 3-year to 10-year structural warranty
  • provide a 10-year warranty for our premium mattresses 
  • provide a first 14-days on-site service at no charge
  • and much more.

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