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Custom Lifestyle @ Picket&Rail

October 17, 2019

Custom Lifestyle @ Picket&Rail

Consumers are getting more demanding in terms of wanting more choices. They want variety and choice. This demand places tremendous pressure on retailers and suppliers. Retailers need to strike a balance between inventory and profitability. The trend is to now to build custom furniture on demand. This reduces inventory and cost. the consumer gets a good price but has to wait.

At Picket&Rail we can customised your home in the following ways

  • P&R Custom Cabinetry - built to last, tens of thousands of designs 
  • Modular Sofas - provides endless combinations
  • Choice of Sofa Material & Color - hundreds of leather or fabric selections
  • Choice of Shapes - 3, 2, 1.5, L
  • Choice of Designs - Kuka has 600 models to choose from
  • Norya Modular Cabinetry - thousands of combinations
  • Cabinets for Every Need - bookcases, wardrobes, shoe storage and more
  • Home Decor - hundreds of unique / limited edition accessories and wall art to make your home special

So visit us today and consult our experts.

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Also in Furniture Megastore + Design Center @ 25 Tagore

10 Reasons to Visit Picket&Rail Furniture Megastore + Design Center
10 Reasons to Visit Picket&Rail Furniture Megastore + Design Center

October 14, 2020

Picket&Rail believes that our customers should personally inspect and test drive any furniture before purchasing. A showroom trip can be a bonding experience for all families and our Furniture Megastore + Design Center @ 25 Tagore is the place to source for the best solid wood furniture. Here are 10 reasons why it's worth the trip to visit our showroom!

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Whole House Customization
Whole House Customization

October 07, 2020

Picket&Rail is the probably only true blue premium full range furniture and carpentry store left in Singapore.

The other furniture stores are mostly specialists focusing on either mattresses, sofas, or specific styles such as teak furniture with limited range.

The big box stores other than IKEA are selling mostly mattresses, sofas and some dining tables. They don't sell many side cabinets, buffers, shoe cabinets, dressers, study tables, bookcases, modular cabinetry, designer kitchen cabinets, toilet cabinets or custom carpentry services.

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Best Deal In Town! - $1,999 Customized Kitchen Cabinet (Usual:$4,999)
Best Deal In Town! - $1,999 Customized Kitchen Cabinet (Usual:$4,999)

August 08, 2020

This is probably the best kitchen cabinet deal you'll ever get in Singapore! Visit our Megastore @ 25 Tagore to view samples or get an instant quotation for free!
So what do you get for our $1999 16-feet kitchen cabinet offer?
1. made using super-engineered wood which is extremely hard, robust and long-lasting..

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