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50 Christmas Gift Ideas

December 14, 2020

50 Christmas Gift Ideas

2020 is an unusual year for Christmas gifts. Most of us will be tucked in our beds at home instead of the year-end trip travelling around Europe or Southeast Asia with friends and family. However, the Christmas spirit of giving lives on. There’s no better time to share the joy through gifting trendy home accessories from our collection! 

From candles to limited edition licensed prints and everything in between, here are 50 gift ideas that guarantee a smile while you and your loved ones relax in style!

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vintage flower petal mirror

  1. Vintage Flower Petal Mirror

With its layered, flower-like design and metallic shine, the Vintage Flower Petal mirror adds a gentle gleam and vintage style to any home or office. Hang this mirror above an entryway table, mantle, or in a grand kitchen for a warm, welcoming look. The simple, classic design of this mirror combined with the lavish gold finish gives this piece a casual elegance that complements a variety of styles.

Aluminum Branch Coat Hanger With Bird

  1. Aluminum Branch Coat Hanger With Bird

Bring a touch of nature indoors with this stunning coat tree featuring a glittering gold bird perched atop gleaming silver branches. Perfect in a chic office or modern foyer, this beautiful piece adds dazzling natural beauty to any space. The versatile design and breathtaking simplicity of this coat tree offers an understated elegance that complements any home or office.

pink accent bench

  1. Pink Accent Bench

The simple gold finish of the frame pairs beautifully with the pink fabric upholstery of this accent bench. Sleekly designed with modern simplicity in mind, it’s a great option for adding some stylish seating in the living room. Place it under a bright window or along a wall to add some effortless elegance to the room.

Set of 2 Wing Chair & Stool

  1. Set of 2 Wing Chair & Stool

Put your feet up and lounge in style with this wing chair and stool set. Complemented by gray and cream upholstery on the striped cushions, this woven natural rattan chair and matching ottoman boast a breezy vibe that’s perfect for summer. Place it in the sunroom or a sunlit lounge area to accentuate its summer sophistication.

Flower Wall Art Set of 2

  1. Flower Wall Art Set of 2

Bring feminine and charming personality to any room’s decor with this set of two framed floral wall art. Featuring floral designs, the set is made up of black, white, and pink colors that complement each other perfectly. These pieces will blend in perfectly with a variety of decor styles.


Alu Wall Monstera Leaf Hanging Bowl, Large

  1. Alu Wall Monstera Leaf Hanging Bowl, Large

This cool aluminum wall leaf hanging bowl is a hanging wall art piece that’s inspired by the elegant geometry of the monstera leaf, a delightful on-trend house plant du jour. Made from metal with a bright gold finish, this unique piece introduces a modern look that’s in touch with the natural world. It’s the perfect way to connect with a vibrant new look.


Station Large Wall Clock

  1. Station Wall Clock

The Station Wall Clock features a sleek look that combines classic elements in a modern, chic way to complement any home or office space. Hang this clock in any room for a crisp, clean look. With its durable iron construction and timeless look, this Station Wall Clock will add style and function for years to come.


 Tropical Wall Art Set of 2

  1. Tropical Wall Art Set of 2

Featuring a graceful nature scene, this beautiful set of mirrored panels adds a touch of warm color and elegance to any home or office. Enjoy the timeless beauty of nature in a grand foyer, traditional living room, or cottage-style sunroom where the rich colors and lustrous look of these panels can shine. Hang together on a large wall or separate around a space to create a cohesive look.


Galaxy Acrylic Spill Clock

  1. Galaxy Acrylic Spill Clock

Add a dash of color to your interior with this modern wall clock in vibrant purple. The minimalist clock face allows the abstract pattern to take center stage. Durable iron and glass construction ensures you can enjoy this piece of functional artwork for years to come.


Colossal Petal Wall Mirror

  1. Colossal Petal Wall Mirror

With its pretty petals, luminous gold finish, and gleaming mirrored center, this 31.5″ floral wall accent offers a delicate design in an impressive size. Feature this lustrous accent in a chic entryway, feminine master bedroom, or modern living room for a simple yet playful touch. Large enough for a grand space, this piece is equally brilliant in a small space where its beauty can truly dazzle.

Watercolour Puppy Wall Art

  1. Watercolour Puppy Wall Art

Got a friend who’s a dog lover? This cute painting captures the soft features of the puppy beautifully while the watercolour adds depth to the handsome profile. A very good boy indeed.


Decorative Metal Flower Wall Art

  1. Decorative Metal Flower Wall Art

With its long rectangular frame, wire stems, and pleated gold petals, this wall decor adds a charming floral touch to any space. Hang this lovely piece of wall art to a farmhouse kitchen, lavish master bathroom, or airy living room for a warm, gleaming accent. 


Set of Artist’s Figure Sketches

  1. Set of Artist’s Figure Sketches

This set of Artist’s Figure Sketches features two coordinating, tasteful portraits that add lush style to any room. Place in an airy bathroom, lavish master bedroom, or in any feminine space for a stunning, chic accent. Hung together or separately, these portraits add soft, delicate beauty to your space.


Steampunk Pocket Watch Clock (Small and Large)

  1. Steampunk Pocket Watch Clock (Small)

The radical gift: clocks. Once thought as a bad luck wish, these are sure to change that. Modern design meets steampunk influence with this wall clock inspired by vintage pocket watches. The transparent face reveals an array of decorative gears within, a cool talking point guests are sure to appreciate. Roman numerals and ornate arms give this piece a touch of classic flair.

  1. Steampunk Pocket Watch Clock (Large)

Modern design meets steampunk influence with this wall clock inspired by vintage pocket watches. The white and gold frame opens in the middle to reveal decorative gears within, a cool talking point guests are sure to appreciate. This piece measures at more than 24″ in height for easy visibility.


LED Grand Chandelier Prints

  1. LED Grand Chandelier Prints

These cool grand chandelier prints feature embedded LEDs, sure to turn heads and spark conversation. A clever accessory for those who crave elegant lighting but cannot install the real thing, these playful prints combine art and functionality to brighten any space. Each set includes two coordinated designs.


Vintage Style World Map Mirror

  1. Vintage Style World Map Mirror

The best gift for a footloose traveller that enjoys a contemporary twist on classic wall art. This vintage-style world map stands out against its mirrored background for an intense sense of depth of dynamic appeal. This piece comes ready-to-hang in a black frame with a subtle distressed finish.


Black Hourglass Accent (15 minutes)

  1. Black Hourglass Accent (15 minutes)

A hipster favourite. The Black 15-minute Hourglass showcases bold black sand and is framed with an aluminum stand finished in a gold black and gold combination. This is a strong accent.


Raj Garden Lantern

  1. Raj Garden Lantern

Brighten a home, garden, or patio with the beautiful Raj Lantern. Intricate perforations diffuse candlelight for gentle illumination wherever you need it. This piece is crafted from durable solid iron and finished in weathered gold for an antique-inspired personality. This large lantern is perfect for taller candles.


Lotus Candle Holder Set of 2

  1. Lotus Candle Holder Set of 2

Add a touch of elegant floral inspiration to dining and entertaining spaces with this set of Large Lotus Candle Holders. These crystal candle holders have a gold shimmer sure to catch the eye of guests.

Metal Candle Holder

  1. Metal Candle Holder

This diamond shaped geometric tea candle holder is an easy way to make any home furnishing project or event instantly stylish. The gold finish exudes elegance and it is carefully crafted with a flat base to be set on the table or floor. A timeless decor befitting any modern interior!

Brass Tree Decorative Accessory

  1. Brass Tree Decorative Accessory

Artistic and abstract, this eye-catching sculpture mimics the shape of a stylized tree or coral. This sculpture is crafted from 50% and 50% aluminum, finished in radiant gold for glamorous appeal. This piece measures at 15″ in height to make a dramatic impression on a desk, shelf, or mantle.


Birdcage Bookends

  1. Birdcage Bookends

Classic elegance and whimsical details come together in this set of two Birdcage Bookends. Each birdcage is formed out of black weathered iron, containing a small songbird perched within. Whitewashed wood serves as sturdy support for any books these may hold. Thanks to the highly distressed finishes, these look like cherished antiques that will only gain more charm with age.


Decorative Vases & Jars Set of 4

  1. Decorative Vases & Jars Set of 4

Create an elegantly coordinated look in a home or an office with this beautiful set of four ceramic vases and jars featuring a lavish blue background, crisp white flowers, and gold accents. These graceful jars and vases bring a cohesive look to any room. Incredibly versatile, this set fits in any room and makes an ideal way to create a custom floral arrangement that perfectly fits your style.


Chess Queen Magnesia Finial

  1. Chess Queen Magnesia Finial

Perfect for a chess enthusiast or Queen Gambit’s fan! The Chess Queen Magnesia Finial has a matte white finish, dipped in two-toned gold for extravagance. Place it in the corner of a living room, on top of a console table or a display shelf to show off its magnificence. Made from 100% magnesium for rich detailing and long-lasting durability.

Valentina Gold Decorative Tray (Medium)

  1. Valentina Gold Decorative Tray (Medium)

With its striking geometric pattern and gold rimmed handles, the medium Valentina Gold Decorative Tray offers stunning style and function. The classic appeal of this round tray makes it an excellent choice on a vintage dressing table, globally-decorated entryway table, or atop a retro kitchen counter. Let the Valentina Tray organize your life with flair.


Nesting Sunset Print Boxes Set of 3

  1. Nesting Sunset Print Boxes Set of 3

Boxes that look cute on the shelf adds a pop of colour to the decor while keeping unsightly things neatly. These nesting Sunset print boxes in 3 different designs and sizes are a must-have in any home!


Black Marbled Jewellery Case, Large

  1. Black Marbled Jewellery Case, Large

This large Black Marbled Jewelry Case features a dynamic, swirling pattern, glittering geode finial, and a touch of gold for an exquisite way to organize and store jewellery. Use this jewellery box in a master bedroom or as a meaningful gift to an avid accessory collector. The jewellery case may also serve to stylishly store other small items around the home or office.

  1. Black Marbled Tray

The Black Marbled Tray pairs well with the jewellery case, but is a great standalone piece too with its mesmerizing pattern. Display your precious jewellery, small trinkets and crystals stylishly on any table! This piece has so much personality, it is a great gift for both trend chasers and divas alike.


Crystal Star Decor (Large)

  1. Crystal Star Decor (Large)

Create a dazzling focal point in any decorative arrangement with the crystalline Karsta Star Accent. This medium-size glass sculpture captures attention effortlessly, playing with light and offering a different visual experience from every angle. Use it to make a dramatic statement anywhere.


Decorative Pillow Cushions Set of 2

  1. Decorative Pillow Cushions Set of 2

Snuggle up in style with these glamorous throw pillows. This set of two includes one pillow in black and one pillow in dazzling gold, great for interior styles ranging from vintage to contemporary. Soft trillium fill makes these pillows extra comfortable and the polyester exterior remains easy to clean. 


Visage Cement Vase (Large)

  1. Visage Cement Vase (Large)

Matching vases can really cement a friendship! The Visage Cement Vase is artfully done with rich detailing from hair to clavicle, giving the portrait depth to capture the human essence. Inspired by Greek mythology, the vase is a great home for your plant babies.


Halloway Gold Candle Holder

  1. Halloway Gold Candle Holder

Featuring a glossy, hammered gold finish accented by a matte gold band, the large Halloway Gold Candleholder adds a glamorous look to your space. Use alone on a side table for a stunning, modern look, or combine multiple Halloway Candle holders for a dramatic effect. This piece makes a radiant addition to a dining room table, master bathroom, or living room.


Lidded Scented Soy Wax Candle Earl Grey

  1. Lidded Scented Soy Wax Candle Earl Grey

In a silver mercury glass jar, this lidded scented soy candle enlivens a room with the invigorating scent of earl grey. The lid completes the candle’s antiqued look with a grooved pattern. Place it in a living room, dining room, bedroom, or foyer for a soothing ambiance.


Desert Plant Succulent Tealight Candle Holder

  1. Desert Plant Tealight Candle Holder

Inspired by the strong and elegant shape of natural aloe vera plants, this tealight candle holder offers a creative way to bring nature into your interior decor. This piece is crafted from clay with a vivid green glaze,and  the high gloss surface easily enhances the effect of a lit candle within. When not in use, this piece doubles as a lovely standalone sculpture.


Baby Blue Hourglass (15 minutes)

  1. Baby Blue Hourglass (15 minutes)

A reminder to take time for the finer things in life, this blue sand hourglass from the Stanley Collection makes a sophisticated aesthetic statement with high-end appeal. Stray away from the ubiquitous hourglass designs with this to add a pop of colour to any tabletop!


Big Ben Watercolour Licensed Print by Magesa Biseko

  1. Big Ben Watercolour Licensed Print by Magesa Biseko

Missing your travels to Great Britain? The watercolour Big Ben artwork captures the essence of the iconic clock tower of the capital, sitting boastfully against the colourful backdrop connoting the four seasons. If you’ve got Union Jack merch, this would be a great addition to your wall!

Monochrome Gundam-inspired Licensed Print by QiLing Gao

  1. Monochrome Gundam-inspired Licensed Print by QiLing Gao

Cyberpunk 2077 and robotics fans are sure to love this. Using buildings as parts, artist QiLing Gao’s fine eye for detail constructs a strong presence with the Gundam-inspired motif of built robots. It is the embodiment of a metropolitan and modern piece!

Andy Warhol Collection

  1. Andy Warhol Collection

For the cultured, creative and contemporary friend or family, a classic Andy Warhol never disappoints. Licensed prints are favoured over normal prints because of their attention to detail regarding quality and colour. 


HOME Earl Grey Scented Candle Set of 4

  1. HOME Earl Grey Scented Candle Set of 4

Offering comfort and style to your home, this set of four earl grey soy candles spell out “Home” in bold font. Each holder is made of silver textured glass. Consider these a wonderful option for holidays and gatherings.


Pink Quartz Stone Candle Holder

  1. Pink Quartz Stone Candle Holder

Crystals are all the rage in interior decor for 2020! Whether you believe in their powers or simply appreciate the aesthetics, a pink quartz candle holder is something everyone needs to elevate the vibe. In pretty millennial pink, it’s a timeless piece that will last for ages.


Louis Fleur-de-lis Tea Set With Stand

  1. Louis Fleur-de-lis Tea Set With Stand

It might be hard to buy an appropriate gift for our elders in their golden years, but the Louis Fleur-de-lis tea set with stand makes a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. This means more time to ‘spill the tea’ with your relatives together!


Keith Haring Collection

  1. Keith Haring Collection

Colourful graffiti with astounding characters that pop to life, the Keith Haring collection belongs in all metropolitan interiors. Plucked from the subways into the home, this collection is a zeitgeist of the 80’s and their progressive ideals.


Terracotta Planters Set of 4

  1. Terracotta Planters Set of 4

The newest adoption craze for plants thanks to the quarantine had us all becoming plant parents. Whether you’re tending to your little herb garden or taking care of a grown Monstera, these matching Terracotta Planters set of 4 is sure to home your kids in style.

Conch Shell Planter

  1. Conch Shell Planter

Bring a piece of the ocean into your abode. The Conch Shell Planter is versatile, edgy and completely unique. Use it as a vase, or an accent piece on a console table near the entryway as a warm greeting. Crafted with lots of textures to reflect the messiness of natural finishes.


Attenta Lion Bookends Set of 2

  1. Attenta Lion Bookends Set of 2

This set of lion bookends is a wonderful addition to any bookshelf mantel desk or table in your home or office. Made of cold cast resin each measures 12 inch tall 6 inch long and 3 inch wide. The bookends have glossy black finish that make them look like metal. This set is a lovely gift for the avid reader in your life and is sure to be admired. 


Alu Sculpture on Block Base, Smoke Black

  1. Alu Sculpture on Block Base, Smoke Black

This stylish aluminum sculpture on a block base is finished in smoke black with a tall profile and a swooping arch design. A modern favorite in the making, it draws influence from conceptual art for a look that’s both striking and easy to engage with. It’s a wonderful tabletop accent with a cool contemporary vibe.


Cheese Board Grey Marble Rectangle With Brass Inlayed

  1. Cheese Board Grey Marble Rectangle With Brass Inlayed

Serve guests a tempting treat on the dashing Grey Marble Rectangle Cheese Board with Brass Inlay featuring a clean, modern look that showcases food in style. The flowing look of the marble contrasts against the gleaming, linear brass to create a dynamic look. When not in use, this cheese board looks elegant displayed in a sleek, minimalist kitchen as a touch of warm shine.


Gold Unicorn Decorative Accessory

  1. Gold Unicorn Decorative Accessory

Capture a sense of storybook whimsy with the 9″ Flora and Fauna Unicorn Figurine. This piece is crafted from smooth ceramic and finished in glossy white. Display anywhere as an instant conversation-starter.


Henri Matisse Collection

  1. Henri Matisse Collection

Henri Matisse is arguably the most important French painter of the 20th century. For museum-lovers and art collectors alike, his licensed prints would make a sentimental present and meaningful piece in their assemblage!


Where to find them?

The furniture, clocks, wall art and licensed prints can be found at Picket&Rail Furniture Megastore + Design Center @ 25 Tagore

Address: 25 Tagore Lane, Level 2, Singapore G Building, Singapore 787602 | Opening Hours: 10am - 9pm daily | Basement Carpark & Street Parking Available


The smaller home accessories (tealights, bookends, sculptures, accents) can be found at Picket&Rail Lifestyle @ City Square Mall.

Address: 180 Kitchener Road | #03 - 42, Singapore 208539 | Mon - Sun, 12noon - 9pm.

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