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How To Use Picket&Rail's New Website

August 06, 2019

How To Use Picket&Rail's New Website

We apologize that we are still in the midst of upgrading our website. Forgive us for any errors. We should be up and running by the middle of the month. Thank you for your kind understanding.

If you have trouble with our website please visit one of our showrooms.

Consumer shopping behaviors are ever changing, ever evolving. These days, customers tend to do price-checking, looking up of product information,  searching and comparing deals even before they visit physical stores.

In order to accommodate this rising trend, we've revamped our website so as to provide consumers like you to as much information as possible. So that you'll make better buying decisions before you pay us a visit.

A few things..

1. Our website now show prices. But these prices are still subjective to other charges like product customization, express delivery and other service-based charges.

2. You will also notice that as you purchase more items you will be given automatic discounts. You will also be informed of your next level of discount. Try this feature out by adding items to your cart. So go ahead and create your own bundles.

3. You will notice that some products can be added. Some cannot. Those that cannot be added are those whose prices have not been updated to recent price changes or has too many complex options. Please visit our stores if you like to know more of these products. 

4. Our store has many bundle deals. A bundle is where there are two or more products are priced together at a very good single price. Add items to the cart and see your discounts increase.

5. We have so many products that it is impossible to bundle in every possible combination. Visit our store and our sales professionals will assist in customizing a bundle just for you.

Another reason to visit our stores? Simply because unlike fast fashion, buying furniture is a more "touch-n-feel" experience. You don't see furniture through your eyes, but through your fingers. We want you to drop by to have a feel of the furniture piece you're buying; so that you'll feel assured and experience the Picket&Rail quality we've always been known for over 20 years.

Plus, chances are during making your in-store purchases, we may throw in a couple of added discounts, free gifts and other perks which we may or may not put up in the web.


So that's it.. start your furniture shopping now! Save everything to your cart and pay us a visit for the best possible discounts!

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