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15 Pieces Of Furniture Every Small Home Needs

October 04, 2017

15 Pieces Of Furniture Every Small Home Needs

The Singaporean home is getting tinier and tinier, while the large homes of the past become rarer and more expensive. Today's young couples have to settle for a much smaller floor area, with tight corners and smaller common areas. This limited space makes the purchase of furniture much more complicated. We have curated 15 must-have pieces for apartment living that will help you narrow down your buying decisions.

1. The Original KUKA 1372 Multi-Functional Leather DaySofa 

Every home needs a striking sofa to greet its occupants whenever they step through the front door. Something they cannot wait to throw themselves on after a hard day's work. Forget the modern L-shape, forget the standard three seater and forget the usual sofabed designs. KUKA was the first to introduce a new range of sofas that have created their very own category, the DaySofa. Its a sofa that looks and functions like no other. It's a daybed when you just want to laze around and read a book, and it's a sofabed when relatives come around from overseas. It's a recliner when you want to raise your legs and lean your head back. It's a Sofa that seats three or four or more when the crowds come in during the festive season. It is the DaySofa.

KUKA's original design has been copied by the many of our competitors but nothing can compare with the Original in terms of quality, proportions and comfort. Its contemporary, functional design with elegant stainless steel feet and legendary quality has made this a true modern classic. Ingenious hidden mechanisms allow adjustments to its backrest, arms and headrest. We only use 100% full top grain and semi-aniline leather with more than 200+ different European leather colours and types to choose from. 

2. Customizable Space-Saving Shoe Cabinet

Homes are getting smaller and smaller, meaning that the doorways of new condominiums and apartments are getting narrower as well. Trying to have a neat doorway is now a major home improvement challenge. You need to maximize your doorway space and storage. The only practical alternative is a customized shoe cabinet by Carpentry&Reno. A customized shoe cabinet can utilize every inch of space. You can build the cabinet all the way from floor to ceiling. With the rise of e-commerce and ever-lower prices, the number of shoes owned by every family member is skyrocketing.

The Picket&Rail Custom Shoe Cabinet is made from anti-warp engineered wood that makes it sturdy and durable. A choice of 14 different finishes lets it easily blend in with most decors. There are also options for a drawer that can hold your small yet necessary items like socks, shoe polish, cleaning equipment, or other shoe-related items. There are also options for door knobs, closing mechanisms, glass doors, sliding doors and more.

3. Industrial Style Storage Bed

The Chicago Queen Bed with Storage Drawers is one of our most popular bedframes. Its industrial style is warm and inviting, and features drawers at the foot board end. They have ample space to store pillows, blankets, duvets and other bedroom accessories. Complementing Chicago's fascinating, rough handsomeness, all its drawers are graced with a touch of swank - lined with roguish black velvet, an unexpected, yet perfect complement that denies contradiction by reason of style. Be surprised by what Chicago has to offer both inside and out. To further complement the bed, we have matching nightstands, chests, sideboards, and mirrors. Available in both King and Queen sizes.

4. Extendable Dining Set

The Sarah 1.4m - 1.8m Extension Table is different. It needs only one person to open it up. Most of our competitors in this price category need two people to open the extension. The secret is in its patented mechanism. This simple yet elegant dining table fits comfortably a family of four, and can be further extended to fit a maximum of 6-8 pax. This table is available in two sizes, 1.2m and 1.4m in length.

All our dining table wood surfaces have UV-polymeric coating which provides better heat, scratch and stain-resistance. Our table frames are made using 100% Malaysian Oak solid wood, which is kiln-dried. They are finished with premium stains, oils and waxes which are environmentally-friendly and let the surfaces retain their lustrous colours for years.

5. Hanging Wall TV Cabinets

Forget the TV feature Wall that almost all local designers recommend religiously. These feature walls have very little function and storage space. Enter the Norya Hanging Wall TV Cabinets in American Walnut & Dark Oak. Hanging Cabinets save floor space and increase storage capacity. Floor space in Singapore is expensive real estate. With houses getting smaller and smaller, whatever pieces of furniture you decide to put onto the floors must serve multiple functions. Else, that's not smart furniture space planning. That's why hanging cabinets are in. Walls are by far the most under-utilized area in most homes. With over 1,000+ configurations of hanging cabinets to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice!

6. Swing Study Table

The Virginia Swing Study Desk possesses unique architectural style in spades. Its airy-lightness belies the serious functionality it reveals upon closer inspection. An open, S-shaped shelving unit in a contrasting white underneath the walnut-coloured wooden table top is underpinned by two wooden posts that match the table top. These center posts, along with the base of the shelving unit, keep the desk very stable. The straight legs of the Virginia Swing Study Desk, with a unique taper at the very end, are braced further with a stretcher beam.

The Virginia Swing Study Desk instantaneously doubles its surface area for studying when you swivel it out and use the revealed shelving platform top as a desktop. You and your study partner can swing the table top out a complete 180 degrees to sit side by side or even closer together, as the swing design allows for a myriad of positions. The Virginia Swing Study Desk maximizes space in your home, as well as your funds.

7. Bunkbeds That Meet Safety Standards

The Bunk Bed is by far the most dangerous piece of furniture for children in the home. Designs of bunk beds are regulated in the USA, Canada and the EU.  In the UK, bunk-bed safety is governed by the Bunkbeds (Entrapment Hazards) Safety Regulations Act of 1987. Unlike many of our competitors, all of our bunk beds meet these standards.

The first step in having a safe bunk bed is to have a solid structure. Our bedframes are made with the highest grade of Solid Wood. Secondly, the finishes used on the wood are lead-free. Children biting on bed rails is a common occurrence, and lead poisoning can lead to brain damage and other health problems. Many brightly-coloured paints from unregulated factories in East Asia contain lead. Thirdly, the spaces between rails, headboard and foot board are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet and exceed Safety Standards. This reduces the chances of your child's arms, legs and head from being trapped. 

8. Storage Bench

The KUKA #D3521 Leather Storage Bench is the perfect compliment to your KUKA sofas as it acts not only as a bench but also a clever coffee table with storage space built in. There are over 200+ choices of the same luxurious leather used for KUKA sofas available for this bench, and other models of storage bench and ottoman of various designs are also available.

9. Customizable Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are getting smaller. Architects today are shifting precious floor space to the living areas and minimizing bedroom space. Customizable furniture in the bedroom is the future. With customization you can fit in a bed, wardrobe, nightstand, dresser, bookcases and shelves all in one small room. The plethora of customization options allow home owners to really maximise every inch of floor space. With customization you can also mix the best of ready-made furniture with customized and built-in pieces.

Home owners are often misguided that customized furniture is expensive. Here at Picket&Rail, we have made customization affordable and personal. It's your home, you decide what furniture you want. With our custom furniture you can truly make it your own.

10. High Dining Set (Sometimes called a Pub Set)

The Envy Pub Dining Set immediately sets you thinking of parties and a more casual dining setting. But not many realize that this pub set is in fact highly recommended for older folks with back problems and weak legs. Now, they need less effort to get up from the seats compared to conventional dining chairs. You can have this pub set double up as a makeshift study desk when not in use for dining. Also, it's great to keep your pets from jumping up onto the tables!

Find out more about P&R Dining Brands.

11. Storage TV, Coffee, Console & Side Tables

Storage is king today's homes. TV, Coffee, Console and side tables with sturdy drawers are a must for the modern apartment. The drawers are useful for organizing small items such as remotes, keys, manuals, coasters and stationery. Our cabinets are made using premium woods such as American Walnut, European Dark Oak, American Poplar, Malaysian Oak and German White Oak. We also have matching sideboards, cabinets, dining sets and sofas.

12. Environmentally Friendly and Healthy Wardrobes

Have you ever opened your cupboard only to be greeted with a harsh, eye watering chemical smell? That's called off-gassing, and occurs when the piece of furniture in question has been finished with chemicals, as can be the case with locally customised wardrobes and cheap wardrobes of inferior quality

These gas-offs can last for decades. That is right, decades! The plywood and glue used by local carpenters are not regulated in Singapore. You do not want your clothes and textiles to absorb this dangerous chemicals. Worse than being merely unpleasant, these emissions can lead to health problems for family members years down the road.

Our Norya wardrobes are different. They are environmentally friendly, being built to the highest safety standards. They are fully-finished inside and out using oil and wax. Premium wood finishes such as American Walnut, European Dark Oak and German White Oak are available. We also also use premium quality spare parts such as Titus drawer rails from the UK, and Heittich door hinges from Germany. Wardrobes are available all the way from 2-doors to 10-doors. 

Find out more about Norya wardrobes.

13. Multi-Functional Lap Cabinets

Is is a Bookcase? Is it a Study Desk? Is it a Dresser? Is it a Display Shelf? It's all of these things. It's whatever you want it to be.

Norya brings a world of versatility to its furniture with multi-purpose, functional cabinets that can serve double duty as both study desk and dining set. Norya offers great space-saving, money-saving and functional ideas. We use premium woods such as American Walnut, European Dark Oak and German White Oak. All surfaces, including the insides and back are waxed, oiled and finished as a mark of superior quality.

14. Quality Made-To-Measure Wardrobes

After your bed and mattress, the Wardrobe is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Ever-shrinking bedroom space makes it wasteful, inconvenient and impractical to install a ready-made wardrobe. The misuse of such space is almost criminal in land-scarce Singapore. 

Many people want ready-made factory quality without the risk of lower quality related to local carpentry. This is possible now, thanks to made-to-measure factory quality wardrobes.

Most people use their wardrobe everyday, so it is important that your wardrobe is reliable, with quiet and smooth sliding doors and a sturdy build. Our wardrobes are virtually silent; with the sliding doors only emitting 20 decibels of noise (the volume of a whisper) during use, the lowest in the market today. All external & internal surfaces are anti-scratch, anti-stain and heat-resistant.

What's more you have the choice of:

  • contemporary wood colours
  • a variety of door designs
  • your choice of add-ons such as drawer locks, soft-closing doors, accessories trays, etc.
  • wardrobe type (built-in, stand-alone, full ceiling-height, etc.)

15. Tatami Beds

Unlike platform beds, most tatami beds don’t come with a headboard. The mats are typically sold separately as well, which should be taken into consideration when determining a budget. Many tatami beds are compatible with modern mattresses though, which is great for those who aren’t willing to give up their memory foam. If you’re having trouble deciding between a platform bed and a traditional Japanese futon, the tatami bed might be right for you. Tatami beds combine the minimalist features of a futon with the modern benefits of platform beds. They raise the sleeper off of the floor (allowing a little room for under-bed storage) but still allow an individual to place a shikibuton directly on the tatami. Our tatami beds are made-to-measure and come with a slew of customizable storage options like hidden drawers and flip-top hidden storage compartments.

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