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Picket&Rail believes that our customers should personally inspect and test drive any furniture before purchasing. A showroom trip can be a bonding experience for all families and our Furniture Megastore + Design Center @ 25 Tagore is the place to source for the best solid wood furniture. Here are 10 reasons why it's worth the trip to visit our showroom!
Have a bagua or Lo Shu configuration for your living room for good luck. If you have a large hall, a bagua (octogonal) arrangement is possible. There is also an octagon in our Singapore dollar coin. You can have eight chairs or four two-seater sofas or a combination of different types of seating gathered around a large coffee table.

Choosing what furniture to buy forces you to ask a lot of questions. How will the new furniture fit in with the existing pieces and decor? Will you get tired of the furniture? How much are you willing to pay? Are you getting the best deals? Where to look for furniture pieces? 

Kuka's Flagship showroom is now located within Picket&Rail Megastore @ 25 Tagore. You will find the latest and best models on display here. Our best sofa experts are also located at this showroom.

Norya is probably the most amazing modular premium cabinets in the world. We have three collectios; Light German Oak (D8), Dark European Oak (D6) and Black American Walnut (D5).
Consumers are getting more demanding in terms of wanting more choices. They want variety and choice. This demand places tremendous pressure on retailers and suppliers. Retailers need to strike a balance between inventory and profitability. The trend is to now to build custom furniture on demand. This reduces inventory and cost. the consumer gets a good price but has to wait.
Here at 25 Tagore Lane we have ample covered parking. Excellent for rainy and hot days. Please let us know if you are driving we will redeem you parking with any furniture or car seat purchase.
Most of our furniture products are tagged with a QR Code. The QR Code stores the URL of the product on our website. If you have an Apple phone just use your camera and scan the QR code. You will be sent to the product or collection page. You can then find out product and pricing information.
Because we care. We truly believe you deserve quality furniture for every bit of money well-spent. With decades of experience in retailing, exporting, manufacturing and designing furniture, we've learned and heard plenty. Time after time, customers have come up to tell us how they're still using our beds, dining tables, or chairs from decades ago. We believe that quality is the best advertisement. Time changes. But we strive to make sure our quality doesn't.

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Today's young couple have to settle for a much smaller floor area and with tight corners and smaller common areas. This makes the buying of furniture much more complicated. We have curated 15 pieces/types of must-haves for apartment living that will help you narrow down your buying decisions.

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Our Megastore is renowned for its extensive 20,000 sq feet display of furniture, carpentry and art. But most of all we are known for our dedication to service and quality.