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The Picket&Rail Group

Picket & Rail is a famous and trusted brand in Singapore since 1999, providing home furnishing solutions to more than 250,000 homes. Our four main product lines are

  • KUKA Leather and Fabric Sofas. Kuka is now ranked number one company in the world for premium leather sofas.
  • Modern Classics. Our modern classic furniture are famed for their quality and use of exclusive grade A materials such American Woods (walnut, oak, maple and ash), Fiber Glass and high grade stainless steel. We produce the best legal replicas in the world.
  • P&R Solid Wood Originals. Picket&Rail was originally famed for its solid wood furniture. This fine tradition continues to this day with updated modern designs and better engineering.
  • P&R Interiors. Picket&Rail represents the best Korean wallpaper, blinds, curtains and  flooring brands. Only originals can guarantee a problem free installation for many years. We use only Korean certified installers.


    Four Zones to serve You Better

    We have four zones to serve you better. Each zone is made of a cluster of shops in the same mall or location.

    • City Square Mall Level 3 - This zone has a cluster of 4 shops that serves the south region. The highlight of this zone is Singapore's only modern classic boutique. This is our Flagship Zone.
    • IMM Outlet Level 3 - This zone has a cluster of 2 shops that serves the west region. Our Outlet Store selling clearance items is located here.
    • 36 Kaki Bukit Place - This location has two floors and serves the east region. Level M displays our famous all solid all wood all american products. The ground floor houses our KUKA Sofa Flagship Gallery. The mezzanine level houses P&R Interiors which has a focus on wallpaper, blinds, curtains and flooring.
    • 25 Tagore Lane Level 2 - This is where our head office and warehouse is located. This showroom serves the north region. Besides our regular products, it houses exclusively our Norya, IstillOutdoor and Commercial Collections. 


    Tagore Showrooms and New Collections

    Besides our four regular product lines, here at 25 Tagore Lane we have unique and new collections that are not available at our other regular stores. 


    Picket&Rail Interiors

    Korean Wallpapers, Blinds and Flooring is not what you think of when Picket&Rail is mentioned. Picket&Rail is more famous for its furniture. It is less well known is its tremendous wallpapering, blinds and vinyl flooring capabilities.

    • We sell only Original Korean Home Wallpaper and Combi Blinds. No imitations from Indonesia and China
    • Together with our business partners have over the last eight years had 88,000 installations and involved in 300+ hotel projects.
    • We have several thousand designs in our collection to choose from.
    • We actively source for the latest and greatest from the land that produced K Pop and Gangnam style.
    • Our products are available at all stores.

    We provide a total solution for those who want to transform their home interior, living room, bedroom or even ceiling through the magic of wallpaper, high tech flooring and combi blinds. Our flagship store is at 36 Kaki Bukit Place.

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    KUKA #2537 Fabric Sofa Is Comfortable And Perfect For Urban Settings

    November 28, 2014

    Our KUKA 2537 fabric sofa is yet another bestseller and hits your comfort right out of the ballpark. Rendered in luxe linen with a lovely weave, the 2537 has solid wood dowel legs that emphasize its sleek looks without being cold.

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    A Whole Slew of Cool New Furniture Arrivals for Your Study

    November 04, 2014

    We recently got a whole slew of cool new arrivals for your study including the Virginia Swing Study Desk that possesses unique architectural style in spades. Its airy-lightness looks belie the serious functionality it has going on. An open S-shaped shelving unit in a contrasting white underneath the walnut-colored wooden table top is underpinned by two wooden posts that match the table top. These center posts, along with the base of the shelving unit, keep the desk very stable. The straight legs of the Virginia Swing Study Desk, with a unique taper at the very end, are braced further with a stretcher beam. The Virginia Swing Study Desk instantaneously doubles its surface area for studying when you swivel it out and use the revealed shelving platform top as a desktop. You and your study partner can swing the table top out a complete 180 degrees to sit side by side or even closer together, as the swing design allows for a myriad of positions. The Virginia Swing Study Desk maximizes space in your home, as well as your funds.

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