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More Furniture Collections @ 25 Tagore Lane Level 2

Our four main products lines; Picket&Rail Originals, Kuka Sofas, Modern Classics and Picket&Rail Interiors are featured most prominently in our three town stores at IMM, City Square Mall and 36 Kaki Bukit Place. While here at 25 Tagore Lane Level 2 we have some unique and new collections or displays that are not available at our town stores. 

  • Norya is all about Storage and building up a Collection. If you are thinking about custom cabinetry have a rethink. Norya would be the better choice. Norya's flagship gallery is located here. Norya has more than 300 stores worldwide.
  • Istill is one of the world's leading luxury fabric sofa makers. Exclusively at Tagore.
  • Soda is Singapore's leading supplier of restaurant furniture for cafes, bistros and restaurants. Exclusively at Tagore.
  • Picket&Rail Interiors is Singapore's No.1 Korean Wallpaper, Flooring and Combi Blinds Retailer. Singapore's largest Korean wallpaper, flooring and combi blind gallery is located here.


Four Zones and A Special Boutique to serve You Better

Picket&Rail made its name originally in American inspired Solid Wood Furniture.  We have been in Singapore for the last two decades and have furnished more than 250,000 homes. We strive towards retailing "thoughtful" furniture and furnishings. Products that are eco friendly, functional and with lasting aesthetics that never go out of style.

We have four zones on the island to serve you better. Each zone is made of a cluster of shops in the same mall or location.

  • City Square Mall Level 3 - This zone has a cluster of 4 shops that serves the south region. The highlight of this zone is Singapore's only modern classic boutique. This is our Flagship Zone.
  • IMM Outlet Level 3 - This zone has a cluster of 2 shops that serves the west region. Our Outlet Store selling clearance items is located here.
  • 36 Kaki Bukit Place - This location has two floors and serves the east region. Level M displays our famous all solid all wood all american products. The ground floor houses our KUKA Sofa Flagship Gallery
  • 25 Tagore Lane Level 2 - This is where our head office and warehouse is located. This showroom serves the north region. It houses exclusively our Norya, IstillOutdoor and Commercial Collections. The second level house Singapore's largest gallery of Korean Wallpaper and Combi Blinds.
  • Marina Square #03-301 - We have opened a new micro store at Marina Square Raffles Boulevard. This store sells only wallpaper, vinyl flooring and combi blinds.

Picket&Rail Showroom Locations


iStudio Online Furniture Collections - 50 to 80% Off Retail

Welcome to Picket&Rail's online store. Many of the items in our iStudio online store are not available in our retail stores for sale. Our online prices are extremely reasonable. There is a focus on quality first. Prices are generally 50-80% lower than our retail stores for similar products. Our savings in showroom space rental and management is transferred to our customer. You can assess our our quality by visiting our stores and looking at similar products. Terms and conditions remain the same. Besides brand new products we also sell export surpluses, some with cosmetics defects, display items, repaired pieces or overstock.


Sofas - Leather  |  Fabric  |  Wood  |  Outdoor  |  Customized

Sofas are the heart of any home. The first furniture you plant yourself after a long day at work. The place where your family gathers to watch their favourite reality TV program. The seat you offer your guests during the festive season. At Picket&Rail, we have a very wide range of sofas for everyone and every need.

Picketandrail istill customizable fabric sofas

For Those That Prefer Fresh Air. If you prefer natural ventilation, nature and fresh air, a fabric sofa is probably the best choice. Leather "seals" the skin and the skin responds by perspiring. This results in a sticky situation. Fabric sofas are very "breathable" and allow airflow to the skin. This results in greater comfort and a less sticky affair. Save some money and the planet, and turn the air-conditioner off. 

We are so well know for retailing the world famous Kuka brand that sometimes many people overlook the fact we do sell fabric sofas. Kuka too has fabric sofas. But the best of our fabric sofas belong to the Istill collection. They are modular and customizable but equally luxurious as Kuka leather sofas. Clean lines, modular construction, modern italian design, choice of 60+ fabrics and leathers, goose down filled cushions, 40 modular designs and features found only in high-end luxury sofas.

Savoy Modular Fabric Sofa

For Those Who Enjoy Change. Our Istill fabric sofas have removable covers for easy cleaning. A second or third cover can dramatically change the mood of the home by a simple change of color or pattern. Ideal for that special occasion (a wedding, a birth of a newborn, birthday or just for fun) or just to create that festive mood; Red for Chinese New Year, Green for Hari Raya, Yellow for Deepavali or White for a White Christmas.

KUKA Fabric Sofa #2537

For Those Who Are Cost Conscious. If price is all important, our Kuka fabric and CU sofas maybe the right choice for you. All of these in Solid wood frame construction. 

Our KUKA 2537 fabric sofa is yet another bestseller and hits your comfort right out of the ballpark. Rendered in luxe linen with a lovely weave, the 2537 has solid wood dowel legs that emphasize its sleek looks without being cold. The contrast between the light color of the wooden legs and the bright navy blue of the fabric is incredibly striking. Its pillow backs and seat cushions are set in a fully upholstered and padded frame.

Americana Picket&Rail Solid Wood SofaFor Those Who Love the Natural Feel of Wood. Picket&Rail is Famous For our wood furniture. We are the best-selling premium wood furniture retailer in the Island. We have solid wood framed sofas of many flavours; All American, contemporary, modern classics, retro, art deco, italia moderne, original designs and many more. Our all time favourite is the Americana Sofa, the ultimate combination of wood and leather. The perfect Christmas home addition for that extra warmth, strength and comfort that Yuletide demands.

For Those Who Like Leather and LACE. Our faux leather and genuine KUKA top grain leather sofas are very attractive to the most demanding customers. Our leather sofas are "luxurious and cleans easily" (LACE). Jumping, screaming, food splattered and dirty children are no match. Together with any quality leather care product, any family can enjoy years of comfort and cleanliness. 

Kuka Premium Top Grain Leather SofasFor Those Who Like Gadgets. Kuka is famous for its original patented designs, mechanical functions and quality leather. As an ultimate compliment, its designs have spawned a thousand copies but none as good or as luxurious. Kuka leather sofas add variety and function to any home; adjustable back rests, removable head rests, tilting arm rests, slanting back rests, adjustable leg rests, from sofa to day bed in under 5 seconds and so much more. Designs that keep shaping our lives.

Picket&Rail Modern Classic FurnitureFor Those Who Love The Good Ol’ Days. Our Modern Classics collection brings back the good old days. Retro is back and here to stay. Our designs are defined by shapely solid wood armrests, shapely spindles, removable seat and back cushions, buttoned and dimpled cushions and old school designer details. Many of our designs were inspired in from the 20's to the 50's. Grab our ever popular Modern Classic catalogue at our showroom and discover our amazing factory direct prices and huge choice of material options. Six varieties of solid wood and wood veneers, 22 fibre glass colors, 40+ fabrics, 30+ leathers and more options. So come visit us today and don't be surprised, we might just have that sofa you’ve been looking for!

SJY Designer Outdoor Sofa and FurnitureFor those who prefer the Great Outdoors. Our designer outdoor range is so beautifully designed that it can be used for both outdoor and indoors. Our exclusive SJY Outdoor Collections feature all-weather polyethylene furniture made from a hard wearing, highly durable and almost maintenance-free material called polyethylene. This furniture can be kept outside, in all weather and climatic conditions, without any tension or risk of being spoilt. Frames are made using quality aluminium chosen specifically for its good rust-proof and lightweight characteristics.





Because we care. We truly believe you should deserve the same quality of furniture for every bit of money well-spent. With over decades of experience in retailing, exporting, manufacturing and designing furniture, we've learnt and heard plenty. Time after time, customers have came up telling us of how they are still using our beds, dining tables, chairs from decades ago. We believe that quality is the best advertisement. Time changes. But we strive, to make sure, our quality doesn't.

Because we are focused on the furniture business. We specialise in furniture and home furnishings. We do not retail IT, electrical and electronic goods. We are not distracted.

Because since the beginning we have provided a wide range of quality furniture for many different customers' needs, at a wide variety of prices. Quality can be expressed equally well in a sturdy, wooden stool and an opulent full-leather sofa. No matter the product, we make sure that the best quality of furniture reaches our customers, and perhaps someday the children of our customers. We do not believe in low-price, low-quality products. 

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Sales News


March 25, 2015

The layout of your room and the placement of other furniture often determines where your TV console will go. Your sofa or sectional should ideally face your TV console; after all, you want to be able to relax while watching television.

So that, inevitably makes the TV console a focal point of most living room spaces; besides the sofa or sectional....See More

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March 25, 2015

We recently got a whole slew of cool new arrivals for your study:
1. Virgina Swing Study Desk - Instantaneously doubles its surface area for studying when you swivel it out and use the revealed shelving platform top as a desktop. You and your study partner can swing the table top out a complete 180 degrees to sit side by side or even closer together, as the swing design allows for a myriad of positions. The Virginia Swi... See More

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March 25, 2015

Beautiful and comfortable dining set-ups for this year's reunion dinner—and after. Make meals nicer for the rest of the year. Every flavorful bite is made more satisfying with padded chairs that hold you in comfort, unique black tempered glass dining tops that wipe clean in a breeze, handsome and functional round dining tables, extendable dining tables that ensure that you can always fit in an unexpected addition for dinner... See More

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March 25, 2015

[ 40% off KOREAN Customized waterproof wallpaper ]
[ 45% off KOREAN Repeated Pattern wallpaper ]
[ 40% off KOREAN Combi Blind ]
[ 40% off KOREAN vinyl flooring ]... See More

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March 25, 2015

A sofa is never just a sofa. And a KUKA sofa is definitely never just a sofa. A KUKA sofa ups the ante by being designed for you with ideal sophistication and functionality. Their elegant simplicity of looks belies KUKA’s innovative features.

KUKA premium sofas utilize German technology from Leggett & Platt to give you the luxurious comfort of leather recliners in sofas. KUKA sofas’ integrated headrests, backs... See More

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March 25, 2015

Norya dining tables and chairs are available in North American Walnut and European Dark Oak woods with table sizes ranging between 1.2m right up to 2m long or round tables. With perfect companion of seating choices like solid American Walnut stools, long benches, leather or fabric upholstered chairs.

FREE 1.2m American Walnut dining bench with purchase of any Norya 5pc/7pc Dining Set.... See More

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